Guest Posting on Shaolin Chamber 36

The Chamber is a place where all Fu fans worldwide can visit and know that they will always be welcomed and have reached a destination where people come to share, express, and marvel at the elements that make up the Martial World. You may have read posts here on SC36 that have been lighthearted, heavily researched, serious, or downright humorous. All  of them having in common that they are primarily based on that of the classic kung fu movie genre. Do you have some insight on a particular subject pertaining to martial arts movies you would like to share? Are you a die-hard Bruce Lee fan and would like to share something about ‘The Dragon’ that many people may not be aware of if not had studied the man deeply? Would you like to express your feelings on a reoccurring theme you see happening often in classic kung fu cinema?  Whatever the topic may be, here is your chance to take part in keeping the Fu alive for years to come. The genre has been on a steady decline in recent years, and as long as us fans continue to talk about it, buy the movies, watch the movies, trade the movies, have public screenings, etc., the genre as a whole will never succumb to a complete demise.

Requirements and Guidelines


  • Post must be based on martial arts movies. Primarily of the classic film (old school) period. Post based on modern films or of relevance to the genre are acceptable.
  • Post word count should be a minimum of 360 words. You can copy/paste your post text into this word count tool checker for count verification.
  • All post submitted must be original and written by the person submitting it.
  • All though visitors from all over the world visit The Chamber, all post submitted must be in the English language.


  • Please refrain  from the use of obscenities, racial slurs, or any general derogatory statements.
  • Try your best to use proper spelling and punctuation. Do not purposely misspell or fill your post with the use of slang words (a few here and there are ok).
  • Do not copy an already published article and submit it as your own. All post will be checked for plagiarism before being published.
  • If paraphrasing or using an excerpt from a published article, please list your source(s).

Special Notes & Tips

  • Write what you know. Please do not attempt to write about something that you do not have a complete understanding for. Do not guess or tend to use falsified facts for the sake of writing a good article.
  • You can submit an image or images along with your post. JPG, BMP, and PNG picture files are accepted. If submitting more than one image file, please RAR or ZIP them together and use the ‘File Upload’ box to submit them.
  • If submitting a single image, rar or zip file, please name the file the same as your post title. Also please include the authors name in the file name as well. Example: JetVsJackie-SMK.rar‘ In this example of a rar file, the ‘JetVsJackie‘ is the title of the post, then separated by a dash, ‘SMK‘ is the author name, and it is a ‘Rar‘ file.
  • In the Guest Post form below, the ‘Your Name’ and ‘Email’ fields will not be published with your article. The name entered in the ‘Author Name’ section will be published with the post. So if you think you will be submitting multiple articles, please use the same author name for every post. This will help the readers in finding all posts made by the same author if they like that persons particular writing style.