Warriors Two [Muscle]

This 1978 gem from Golden Harvest Studios is considered by many to be one of the best kung fu films ever produced. One of his earliest films as director, action choreographer, and star, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo made an indelible impact on Hong Kong cinema with this film. He put Korean actor, kicking phenom Casanova Wong front and center in the hero role as Cashier Wah, and Leung Kar-Yan in a career-highlight performance as Master Leung Jan. Sammo took the classic art of Wing Chun, which many considered too stiff-looking to play well on-screen, and cleverly adapted it to create an exciting action movie depiction of the style. On the surface, the story is a basic revenge plot, but it's actually a fascinating exploration of the dynamics between teacher and student and the fundamental principles behind kung fu skills. In addition to creating a great character-driven tale, the martial arts battles (and training sequences) are master works of stunning physical skills, brilliant choreography, and spot-on editing that remains jaw-dropping even after countless viewings. - Kung Fu Bob
Gildan (2700) 6 oz. 100% cotton. Preshrunk jersey knit. Seamless double-needle 7/8" collar. Double-needle armhole and bottom hems.
The design features stars Sammo Hung and Casanova Wong in powerful stances, ready to spring into battle. Behind and above them looms Fung Hak-On as the deadly and memorable villain Mo, the Mantis Kung Fu expert. It also includes the film's title in both English and Chinese. This is a 4 color, design in black, white, gray and light gray.
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Warriors Two [Muscle]
6 oz. 100% Cotton Tee. 4 color design in black, white, gray and light gray.
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