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POLL: Yuen Wo Ping’s Greatest Decade?

Thumbnail image for POLL: Yuen Wo Ping’s Greatest Decade? October 21, 2012

Yuen Wo Ping, a man of many talents, has been involved with the martial world of Asian cinema since the early ’60s as an actor, then began his career as a action director in the ’70s, then moving on to directing some truly great films beginning in the late ’70s. Yuen Wo Ping began working in the early ’60s as an actor with the legendary Shaw Brothers studios …

POLL: Favorite Mark Long Performance?

Thumbnail image for POLL: Favorite Mark Long Performance? April 8, 2012

Mark Long (Aliases: Mark Long, Lung Kuan-Wu, Loong Koon-Mo, Long Guan-Wun, Dragon Lung, Lau Ching-Fat), has been involved in so many great films, I know it may be hard to select one single film to name a favorite, which is why we have limited the amount of films to choose from to just 5 titles. Remember, you are not picking which of these films is your favorite …

POLL: Sammo’s Greatest Contribution?

Thumbnail image for POLL: Sammo’s Greatest Contribution? March 16, 2012

In hope to promote more interaction and generate more participation from the community at large, from this day forward I will be placing each weeks poll within its own post. The main reason for this, as suggested by my friend Stewart F., is that possibly besides just casting your vote, people may want to provide some insight for the way they voted …