Skeme Richards

Diggin’ Kung Fu With Johnnyray Gasca

Thumbnail image for Diggin’ Kung Fu With Johnnyray Gasca April 24, 2017

Within the Hip Hop DJ world of the 80’s there has always been a mystery surrounding the origins of “bootleg” Breakbeat records, who was behind these mysterious pressings on the Octopus label which eventually became the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series and featured what some would consider rare and hard to obtain cuts that DJs searched …

Skeme Richards – ‘Dust & Grooves’ Book

Thumbnail image for Skeme Richards – ‘Dust & Grooves’ Book May 12, 2014

36 Styles is honored that DJ Skeme Richards who is featured in the newly released ‘Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting, book, chose to wear the ‘Hot, The Cool & The Vicious’ 36 Styles shirt for his photo shoot. It truly means a lot Skeme, your support has been instrumental in the continued growth of the brand, we are forever grateful …

Skeme Richards – Vengeance

Thumbnail image for Skeme Richards – Vengeance April 22, 2014

Fat Buddha x Hot Peas & Butta Presents: VENGEANCE! A Night dedicated to Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Films. From 8pm-10pm we will be screening The Master aka 3 Evil Masters starring Chen Kuan Tai. Then from 10pm-2am Skeme Richards and Kamui Sumida will be pulling Hip Hop, Soul and other gems from their crates while Kung Fu …