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My Young Auntie is MRS. K!

Thumbnail image for My Young Auntie is MRS. K! July 9, 2017

While looking at the film schedule for the upcoming New York Asian Film Festival (June 30th -July 16th) I came across a very interesting title- MRS. K, starring Kara Hui Ying-Hung. The actress is best known for her work at Shaw Brothers studios where she often worked with director Lau Kar-Leung, including playing the lead role in the kung fu classic MY YOUNG AUNTIE …

Recommended Visit: Shaw Brothers Blog Site

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For insight, keen observations, and general discussion of all things SHAW, coming from 2 die hard fans of the female gender, whom being ‘Lady Cao Feng’ and ‘Lady Jin’, I must recommend in you checking out this ultra-cool and fun new blog site titled, OF MOONLIT BLADES AND THE MEN WHO WIELD THEM. Check them out, don’t forget to leave a comment.

RIP – Phillip Ko / Ko Fei

Thumbnail image for RIP – Phillip Ko / Ko Fei March 31, 2017

With over 240 credits to his name as an actor, 50 films as a director, and numerous films as an action -director and producer, Ko’s career encompassed work at Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest, Seasonal Films, D&B Films, IFD Films, his own Regent Films as well as countless independent productions and working with everyone from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan …

Top 5 Gordon Liu Films

Thumbnail image for Top 5 Gordon Liu Films September 10, 2016

Among the many bright stars in the Hong Kong cinema universe, Gordon Liu shines as bright as the North Star. Recognized by most film-goers with even a passing interest in kung fu cinema, along with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Gordon Liu (Lau Kar-Fai, Liu Chia-Hui, “The Master Killer”, or however you may know him) …

Ti Lung Top 5 Kung Fu Films Birthday Tribute

Thumbnail image for Ti Lung Top 5 Kung Fu Films Birthday Tribute August 19, 2016

The words most often used to describe Shaw Brothers kung fu acting legend Ti Lung (a.k.a. Tommy Tam Fu-Wing, Dick Loong, 狄龍) are majestic, regal, stoic, serious, and heroic. Indeed, his roles often feature characters that have these traits, but it is the charisma, energy, and dedication of the real man coming through which makes these fictional men come …

Metrograph Dream Double Feature Series, June 25th, 2016

Thumbnail image for Metrograph Dream Double Feature Series, June 25th, 2016 June 28, 2016

Wu-Tang Clan big boss, martial artist and film director/actor RZA was invited by the Metrograph theater to host his Dream Double Feature. RZA, a nearly lifelong Shaw Brothers fan, chose FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS (1982, aka. CHINESE SUPER NINJAS) and HOUSE OF TRAPS (1982). I’ve wanted to attend Metrograph since their opening in March …

A Kung Fu Valentine’s Day

Thumbnail image for A Kung Fu Valentine’s Day February 14, 2016

Though my favorite cinematic genre revolves around humans locked in mortal combat, using ancient martial arts skills to try to defeat or destroy their opponents, I’m also kind of a romantic guy. So I thought it might be appropriate to watch something today, on Valentine’s Day, with my better half that would include the more loving elements …

Q-POP Shaw Bros Art Show

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As an avid Shaw Brothers fan, it’s only natural that I would get excited for the Q Pop Shop’s “Bros vs Bros” Exhibit. The Q2 Gallery in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles presented two new art exhibits simultaneously, including “Kinoko Oukoku: Mushroom Kingdom” which is a tribute to the iconic Super Mario Bros franchise, and “Deadly Venom: Tribute to Shaw Brothers Cinema.”