Shipping & Return Policy


All shirts prior to production are steamed for a wrinkle-free look, after produced they folded, wrapped in tissue and carefully packed individually in a self seal-able plastic bag. If it’s an order of 1-4 shirts, they will then be packed in a water, tear and puncture resistant poly bag.

If shipping an order of 4 or more shirts, the shirts will be prepared as explained above, and shipped in a box.

Taxes must be charged to all California residents, as 36 Styles is based in Northern California.

In The U.S.
All shirts will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. If you are ordering only 1 shirt, and would like for me to send it via First Class (which may be a couple dollars cheaper), then do not use the Paypal automated payment page, and instead contact me at with your inquiry.

Outside The U.S.
First Class International charges begins at roughly $10, and of course increases with added weight of more shirts. I wish there was something I could do to ship for less out of the US, but this is the best possible option available at this time with the fairest prices.

Shipping A Big Order
The benefits of placing a big order in the U.S., is the USPS offers Flate Rate Priority Shipping. Meaning no matter how heavy the contents of the box weighs, that given particular box is only charged at it’s flat rate price. Keep in mind, the international flat rate prices are very high, so this would only be beneficial if the flat rate priority charge is less than it would be to send via First Class International.

Unlike you often find with some eBay sellers, I do not overcharge on shipping in attempt to increase profits.


Damaged Goods
If a shirt has been delivered and arrives to you damaged in any way, whether I was at fault or it was damaged through delivery, I will award you a free replacement of the same exact shirt, if you send the damaged shirt back and after I verify it’s condition.

Avoid Ordering The Wrong Size
On each of the shirts product page, there is a size chart available to help aid you in finding a shirt with that perfect fit. The chart lists all the proper measurements for the different size shirts that are available at this time. I recommend you to measure a shirt that you already own, one that you favor the size, and order one that comes closes to that same shirt. I would be willing to exchange a shirt that was purchased at one size for another size (not for one of a different design or color), but it would be best to avoid the extra hassle and shipping costs.

If you order a shirt, and for some reason, you just simply do not like it, I may be able to accept it as a return and refund you the purchase price, minus any paypal fees. Email me at 36Styles@ to discuss the details. Hopefully, this would never happen, and upon receiving your shirt, you will immediately put it on, and proceed to walk around sporting your brand new 36 Styles t-shirt proudly.