Movie Reviews

18 Bronzemen, The 19763.5Leslee Smith-Kelly
Brave Archer, The 19774.5Ken Hashibe
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny 20162.5Koray
Daggers 8 19805Koray
Deadly Breaking Sword, The 19793.5humanlantern
Delinquent, The 19734.5Kung Fu Bob O'Brien
Disciples of Shaolin Temple 19854Ken Hashibe
Dragon From Russia 19904Karlos
Dragon Lord 19823Koray
Eastern Condors 19875Karlos
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The 19844.5Ken Hashibe
Enter The Fat Dragon 19784Ken Hashibe
Expect No Mercy 19953Scott Blasingame
Fast Fingers 19833.5Ken Hashibe
Fearless Hyena 19795Stewie
Five Element Ninjas 19824.5Ken Hashibe
Hand of Death, The 19764Ken Hashibe
Hitman in the Hand of Buddha 19814Stewie
Kung Fu Kids Break Away 19804Sonica Sparro
Magnificent Bodyguards 19783.5Ken Hashibe
Operation Scorpio 19924.5Steven Neal
Prodigal Son, The 19815Steven Neal
Redeemer 20154.5Scott Blasingame
Skin Trade 20144Scott Blasingame
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow 19785Gail Kogan
Snake Fist 19940.5Kung Fu Bob O'Brien
Shadow Boxer, The 19743Koray
Unlucky Stars 20154.5Ken Hashibe
Way of the Dragon, The 19724Ken Hashibe
Zero Tolerance 20152Scott Blasingame