Fearless Hyena (1979)

Reviewed by Stewie
November 4, 2013


Fearless Hyena
Jackie Chan • Shih Tien • James Tien • Yen Shi Kwan • Eagle Han • Chen Wai Lau
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Version reviewed was a widescreen, English dub via YouTube. Approximately 97 minutes in length.
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Chen Peng Fei (James Tien) is a widely respected and much sought master, who’s students will do anything to hide his anonymity, even when the pursuers are far superior. Chens quiet life is shattered upon arrival in a new town by his grandson Shing Lung (Jackie Chan), a layabout lazy boy who tries hard not to train in his Grandfathers Hsing Yi Kung Fu ways, preferring to gamble and cause trouble. Following a scene with some crooked street gamblers, Shing Lung gets the better of their cheating ways but on the way home they find him, looking for revenge, and their money back. Some slapstick fighting ensues in which the three crooks, The Great Bear (Chen Fu Hung), Stoney Egg (Wong Yiu) and Iron Head (Ma Cheung), get a good beating by Shings Unicorn style, a style which Chen has vehemently told Shing never to use, and to hide at all costs. Upon Shings return Chen realises he’s been gambling and showing off his style, and chastises him with an intense training session.
With a lesson learned by the torturous training, Chen tells Shing to go find a proper job, which leads him to the coffin seller (Shih Tien), a hilarious twist on what should be a somber scenario.

Meanwhile the crooked gamblers are still seeking Shing to become their master, not realising their plan is for him to make them money by teaching a school of students run by the crooked Tee Cha (Lee Kwan), going totally against his Grandfathers wishes for him not to show their style, but ultimately the lure of easy money convinces Shing, who teaches in disguise and fights for large fees against challengers of all styles. Following a few high octane battles, including a comedy cross dressing scene, which Shing wins with apparent ease, Chen witnesses Shings antics and causes him to disappear, at the same time as Yen Cheung Wong (Yen Shi Kwan) and his villainous cohorts arrive to destroy Chen and all the Hsing Yi clan members.
Witnessing his Grandfathers destruction at the hands of Yen, Shing is prepared to fight but is saved at the last minute by The Unicorn himself (Chan Wai Lau). The Unicorn explains the story of the Hsing Yi clan and how Shing has exposed the style to Yen and must train hard in order to exact revenge for Chens death. Shing goes all out, pushing himself to the limit at every task, learning every possible technique his master has, hell bent of fulfilling the revenge he has set himself. Foolishly, Shing attacks Yen in the street and is humiliated and beaten to a pulp and saved once again by The Unicorn, whose identity is now out in the open for Yen and his men. The Unicorn decides its time to teach Shing the ultimate ‘Emotional’Kung Fu technique, just in time for Yens men to badly beat The Unicorn only for Shing to come along and kill the men and set up a final duel with Yen in one of the most ingenious end fights in Kung Fu history…

thoughts on the movie

After the success of Drunken Master and Snake In The Eagles Shadow, Jackie Chan takes his kung fu comedy to the next level and his directorial debut is a true classic, with high class fighting and hilarious comedy moments this is bound to rank highly in any Fu fans top movies.

was it funny?
The comedy was of the highest caliber, Dean Sheks cameo being the highlight for me, and plenty of funny scenes throughout make this a great starting point if you’re new to the genre.
How was the Action?

With Jackie Chan not only starring, directing and as the action director, the action was top class and I’m sure Jackie wanted to impress us all in every aspect, and doesn’t let us down.

Standout performance(s)

Apart from Jackie of course, James Tien, Chan Wai Lau and for me personally Yen Shi Kwan were outstanding in their respective roles. Yen Shi Kwan being a highly underrated character actor, and in this the ultimate bad guy.

Buy or Pass
6 Reasons Why You Should BUY or PASS On This Movie
1. BUY for outstanding action comedy to rival such classics as Drunken Master.
2. BUY for fans of old school Jackie Chan, you will need this as a testament to his all round film making ability.
3. BUY for classic slapstick and comedy scenes rarely rivaled and to see Jackie at his best.
4. BUY for quality end fight, up there with the best, and a great use of some incredible minds.
5. BUY because it’s a must have in any serious Fu collectors collection.
6. PASS if you do not enjoy comedy mixed in with your Fu.

A true classic by anyones standards, pure adrenaline mixed with comedy genius, must have.