36 Word Reviews

Movie TitleYear ReviewWord CountRating (Based on rating of 0-5)Reviewer
Association, The1975This kung fu/crime film featured more womens breast than a softcore porn film. Multiple sex scenes, rape scene and decent kung fu with some nice leg work. Supporting roles from numerous kung fu cinema legends.363.5SMK
Bone Crushing Kid, The1979Jackie Chanish style comedy and acrobatic fu. Entertaining, mild humor. 47% of the movie consist of training scenes or fighting. James Tien in final fight shows and proves his skill in a 9 minute battle, Fliptastic Fu!353.8SMK
Boxer From the Temple, The1979Easy to follow story that keeps you engaged. Very like-able star played by Ng Yuen-Jun who is a better fighter than actor. Entertaining action sequences, no wires found here. 'Shaolin' based film, always a plus.354SMK
Brave in Kung Fu Shadow, The1977Tien Peng is hired to retrieve Judy Lee's 'Blood Raining Sword'. No comedy, minus a laughable bad wig. Judy exudes emotion when fighting, as well as skill. Easy to follow plot, top action.
Furious Slaughter1972A two-armed Jimmy Wang Yu single-handedly takes on dozens of baddies of a crime syndicate in this 1972 film set in the 30's. Comedy = none. Action = 20 minutes worth in this 84 minute film. Fans of JWY must see.
Golden Mask, The1977The plot in the film outshines the slightly above action. A great "whodunit" story line. Chi Kuan Chun stands out, Doris Lung is as lovely as ever. Bladed cymbal weapons flying everywhere in final fight!353.5SMK
Hero of the Wild1977An orphan boy follows the man who killed his father and learns kung fu. Great fight scenes towards the end by both Hwang Jang Lee & Chen Sing. This was a fun watch with good plot.364SS
Ip Man 2008Bone-crunching, fast-paced, Sammo Hung choreographed action. Whose martial arts is best, Japan's or China's? Ip Man proves it. Heartfelt, easy to follow story line. Worthy of repeated viewings, easily.
Kung Fu Arts197890 minute movie, only 9 minutes of action. The Emperor’s daughter is poisoned, he promises her savior will marry the princess and become a prince. What happens next is bizarre, "should see" not a "must see".
Mad Monkey Kung Fu1979Director Lau Kar-leung plays a crippled and shamed Martial Arts master/opera performer turned street entertainer who trains a disciple for a chance at revenge. His Monkey Fist style is as flawless as Dragon Dynasty's remaster.363.5Godzillinois
Master, The1980Chen Kuan-Tai takes on The 3 Evil Masters in this Shaw Brothers classic. Wang Lung Wei is the main villain using panther style, and hair braided with spear tip. Great fights. A must see for fans.364Michael M
Mystery of Chess Boxing, The1979Li Yi Min is searching for his fathers killer, which happens to be Ghostface Killer. Jack Long's acrobatic Fu only takes place at the end. Some ok comedy, but great action. Must See for sure.354.5SMK
One Armed Boxer1971Jimmy Wang Yu writes, directs and stars. A lie leads to fight of epic proportions. Two rival schools, Karate, Yogi, Thai Fightes, Tibetan monks, a doctor, and a beautiful woman, make a classic kung fu flick.364.5Hei Meigui
Shaolin Abbot1979Bald David Chiang as a monk set out to rebuild Shaolin, Lo Lieh as Pai Mei, gorgeous indoor sets of SB studios a plus. Slow choreography a minus. Slightly above average but still a must see.363.5SMK
Undertaker in Sohwa Province, The1983Elton Chong fights 'robot dancing' "zombies". Numerous failed attempts at humor. 22 minutes of entertaining action in a 75 minute below average film. Worthy of at least a single viewing. 302.8SMK
Wolf Devil Woman1982A not-so action packed film, which is more fantasy than Fu. Some unintentional humor. Special effects that aren't so special, with some minor animal cruelty. Action junkies will want to pass on this one. 343.5SMK