Kung Fu movies - List 1

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Kung Fu movies - List 1

Postby bruceleeclones » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:14 am

Hi All, I've recently started to back up my collection into a digital format and have some DVDrs of some stuff I no longer need. So rather than just let them collect dust, I thought I'd post them on here.
Quality varies as they are taken from various sources (i.e. DVD, VCD, VHS, etc). If you need to know anything such as language, etc, feel free to ask. I may also have some other stuff not listed, PM me with your wants list.
If your interested in anything, please PM me. Will trade for anything I don't have.

See my second list for 'Hong Kong movies'


Drunk Shrimp Crab and Fish
Bloody Fight
Unsubdued Furies
Death Blow
Guards Of Shaolin
Killers Invincible
Kung Fu Student
Ninja Final Duel
Ninja Hunter
Ninja Kids
Ninja Tiger
Ninja Tiger part 2
Ninja Vs Mafia
Ninja, The Battalion
Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu
Shaolin Vs Lama
Shaolin Vs Ninja
Angry River
Association, The
Broken Oath
Dance of Death
Deadly China Doll
Duel with the Devils
Ghost Hill
Lady Constables
Lady Whirlwind
Moon Night Cutter
Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion
Revenge of Kung Fu Mao
Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, and Wild Fire
Stunning Gambling, The
The Himalayan
The Tournament
When Taekwondo Strikes
Heroine in the Dust
Old Master
Crystal Fist
Fistful of Talons
Kung Fu Executioner
Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave
Kung Fu Zombie
Sun Dragon
Super Power
Ninja Champion
Dragon From Shaolin
Mantis Under The Falcon Claws
Fists, Kicks, and the Evils
Four Shaolin Challengers
Kung Fu Cook
18 Bronzemen
18 Bronzemen 2
Blazing Temple
Born Invincible
Eight Masters
For a Few Yen More They Kill
Killer of Snakes, Fox of Shaolin
Magnificent Fist
Ninja Pirates
Raging Tiger Vs. Monkey King
Rebel Of Shaolin
Renegade Master
Shaolin Brothers
Shaolin Invincibles
The Mysterious Heroes
Traitorous, The
Avenging Boxer
Lone Shaolin Avenger
Magnificent Wonderman
Master Strikes, The
Monk's Fight, The
Secret Envoy
Seven Finger Kung Fu
Shaolin Plot
Strike Of The Thunderkick Tiger
Stranger From Shaolin
Chinese Kung Fu and Acupuncture
Crippled Masters, The
Monkey Fist, Floating Snake
Monkey Fist
Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids
Young Dragons 2 - Kung Fu Kids 2
Angry Tiger
Bravest Fist, The
Chinese Godfather
Chinese Hercules
Female Fugitive
Invincible Killer
Martial Arts
Ninja Holocaust
Triumph By Two Kung Fu Arts
Bandits from Shantung
Fast Sword
Fury in Storm
Gambling For Gold
The Tormentor
Thrilling Sword, The
Blood Of The Dragons Peril
Grand Master of Shaolin Kung Fu
Big Showdown, The
End of the Wicked Tigers
Goose Boxer
Bravest One
Vengeance of Snow Maid
Black and White Swordsman
Fearless Fighters
Bold Three, The
A Life of Ninja
Big Boss of Shanghai
Deadly Duo
Duel at Tiger Village
Iron Monkey, The
Shaolin Kingboxer
Black List
Black Panther
Bloody Fists
Clutch of Power
Eighteen Swirling Riders
Fatal Flying Gulotine
Fighting Of Shaolin Monks
Heroes Of Shaolin
Kung Fu Invincible Fist
Legendary Strike
Secret Message
Shaolin Devil and Shaolin Angel
The Magnificent
Tough Guy
None But The Brave
Art of War
Super Kung Fu Kid
A Tooth For a Tooth
Black Belt
Eight Strikes of a Wild Cat
Beggar of No Equal
Buddhas Palm and Dragon Fist
Crazy Horse and Intelligent Monkey
Eagle's Claw
Green Jade Statuette
Iron Neck Li
Relentless Broken Blade
Revenge of the Shaolin Kid
Shaolin Red Master
Showdown at Cotton Mill
Snake Shadow Lama Fist
Ways of Kung Fu
Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl
Leopard Fist Ninja
Against Drunken Cat's Paws
Crazy Acrobat
Swordsman with An Umbrella
Treasure Castle
Attack Of The Joyful Goddess
Champion of Champions, The
Kung Fu Vs Yoga
Flyer of a Young Prodigal
Best of Shaolin Kung Fu
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu
Crippled Kung Fu Boxer
Duel of the Seven Tigers
Duel of the Seven Tigers
Kung Fu Genius
Mad Mad Kung Fu
Ring of Death
Tiger's Claw
Last Hurrah for Chivalry
Blooded Treasury Fight
Fight For Glory
King Of Fists And Dollars
Legend of the Owl, The
Lost Kung Fu Secrets, The
Night of The Assassins
Strife For Mastery
The Challenger
The Loot
Master Of Zen
18 Bronze Girls of Shaolin
Challenge of the Lady Ninja, The
10 Shaolin Disciples
Dragon Against Vampire
Fist of the Golden Monkey
Magnificent Natural Fists
Offensive Shaolin Long Fist
Snake Strikes Back
Undertaker in Sohwa Province, The
Killer in the Dark
Carry on Wise Guy
Fists and Guts
Fury In Shaolin Temple
He Has Nothing But Kung Fu
Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu
Shaolin And Wu Tang
Shaolin Drunken Monk
Out of Danger
Woman Avenger, The
Deaf Mute Heroine
Awaken Punch
Fist of the Double K
From China With Death
Young Dragons, The
Horse Boxing Killer
A Touch Of Zen
City Called Dragon
Fate Of Lee Khan
Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue
Valiant Ones
37 Plots of Kung Fu
Duel in the Tiger Den
36 Deadly Styles
Angry Young Man
Canton Viper
Dragon Claws
Duel of Ultimate Weapons
Eagle Vs Silverfox
Fearless Duo, The
Five Fingers of Steel
Hell's Windstaff
Hitman In The Hand Of Buddah
Instant Kung Fu Man
Secret Executioners
Shaolin Blood Mission
Two Fists Against the Law
Young Hero
Shaolin Drunk Fighter
World of Drunken Master
Chess Boxing Matrix
Seven Grand Masters
Five Fighters from Shaolin
Cub Tiger From Kwang Tung
Revenge Of The Drunken Master
Revenge Of The Drunken Master
Of Cooks and Kung Fu
Tai Chi Shadow Boxing
Gambling for a Head
Jaws of the Dragon
Seven Coffins, The
Shaolin Boxers, The
Action Taekwondo
Amsterdam Connection, The
Funny Kung Fu
Stranger From Canton
Firefist of the Incredible Dragon
Fists Of Legends 2: Iron Bodyguards
Fist From Shaolin
Tattoo Connection
Eagle Claw Champion
Rebellious Reign
A Dead Rivalry
A Man Called Tiger
A Queen's Ransom
Beach of War Gods
Black Friday, The
Blood of the Dragon
Brave and the Evil, The
Chow Ken
Clash of the Professionals
Destroyer, The
Four Real Friends
Furious Slaughter
Gallant, The
Great Hunter
Invincible Sword, The
Iron Fist Adventures
Iron Man, The
Knight Errant
Lantern Street
Magnificent Chivalry
Man From Hong Kong, The
Master of the Flying Guillotine
One Armed Boxer, The
One Armed Swordsman Against Nine Killers
One Armed Swordsmen
Point the Finger of Death
Professional Killer, The
Rebel Boxer
Return Of The Chinese Boxer
Royal Fist
Screaming Tiger
Seven Magnificent Fights
Shogun's Saint
Tattooed Dragon
Tiger and Crane Fists
Two Cavaliers
Eagle's Killer
Fearless Master
Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin
Snake in the Monkey's Shadow
Death Duel Of Kung Fu
Dragon Blood
Fighting Ace
Incredible Kung Fu Mission
Invincible Armour
Mars Villa, The
Northern Kicks, Southern Fists
Secret Rivals
Secret Rivals 2
Shaolin Ex Monk
Snuff Bottle Connection
Stuggle Through Death
Two Great Cavaliers
Zen Kwan Do Strikes Paris
Devil's Owl, The
Imprudent Iron Phoenix, The
Legend of Mother Goddess
Queen Boxer
Ninjas and Dragons
Dumb Ox, The
Eighth Head, The
Double Dragon in Last Duel
Wu Tang Witch
Snow Plum Blossom
Angry Hero
Blood and Guts
Crack Shadow Boxers
Four Invincibles
Abbot White
Snake Fist of a Buddhist Dragon
Magnificent Kick
Black Belt Karate
Bloody Ring
Return Of The Assassin
Thunder Kick
Crazy Couple
Arhats in Fury
Ninja Killer
The Good, The Bad And The Loser
Hero's Blood
New Pilgrims To The West
Jade Hairpin Alliance, The
Secret of Tai chi
Drunken Arts and Crippled Fists
Invincible Shaolin Kung Fu
Mission Kiss and Kill
Mystery Of Chess Boxing
Seven Commandments of Kung Fu
Avenging Eagle
Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
Exciting Dragon
Fearless Dragons
His Name is Nobody
Legend Of A Fighter
My Life's On The Line
Sleeping Fist
Thundering Mantis
Water Clan Master
36 Crazy Fists
One Foot Crane
Shaolin Vs Manchu
Boxer's Last Stand
Cavalier, The
Dynamite Shaolin Heroes
Eagle's Claw and Butterfly Palm
Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes
Green Dragon Inn
Secret Of The Chinese Kung Fu
Showdown at the Equator
Fight Among Supers
Ninja In Deadly Trap
Vampire Kid 2
One Armed Magic Nun, The
Dreaming Fist Slender Hands
Dragon Force Operation
Dragon on the Shaolin Tower
Invincible Eight
Shaolin Kung Fu
Snake in the Crane's Shadow
Tiger Boxer
Triangular Duel
Dynamite Trio
Lackey And The Lady Tiger
Heart of Killer
Bloody Hero
Eunuch Of The Western Palace
Everlasting Chivalry
Great General
Guy with secret kung fu
Invincible Kung Fu Trio
King Boxer, The
Kung Fu of Eight Drunkards
Prodigal Boxer
Prodigal Boxer 2
Secret of Shaolin Poles
The Dragon, The Lizard, The Boxer
Three Shaolin Musketeers
Unbeatable 28
Wild Whirlwind
Young Tiger, The
Thousand Mile Escort
Duel of the Tough
Butcher Wing
10 Magnificent Killers
Land of The Brave
Blade Spares None
Devil's Treasure, The
Hurricane, The
Samurai Death Bells
Death Challenge
Two Crippled Heroes
Matching Escort
Men of the Hour
King of Kings
Blood Revenge
Tiger Over The Wall
Two Wondrous Tigers
A Girl Called Tigress
Chin Sha Yen
Dragon Gate Inn '65
Ghostly Face
Little Hero
Lung Wei Village
Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon
Seven to One
Shaolin Death Squad
Zodiac Fighters
Bloody Mission
Brutal Boxer
Crane Fighter
Hard as a Dragon
Honeymoon Killer, The
Iron Profligates, The
Marvellous Kung Fu
Shaolin Invincible Guys
Nine Demons
Seven Steps of kung fu
Black Dragon, The
Hurricane Sword
Fighting Life
By Hook or by Crook
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
Enter the Fat Dragon
Filthy Guy
Incredible Kung Fu Master
Iron Fisted Monk
Magnificent Butcher
Odd Couple
The Victim
Two Toothless Tigers
Warriors Two
Chinese Kung Fu
Idiot Swordsmen
Big Family, The
Young Hero of Shaolin part 2
Dance Of The Drunken Mantis
Peculiar Boxing Tricks and the Master
Golden Mask
Revenge of The Iron Fist Maiden
Twister Kicker
Kung fu Vampire
Kung Fu On Sale
Sharp Fists in Kung Fu, The
Boxer's Adventure, The
Challenge of Death
Conspiracy of Thieves
Dual Flying Kicks
Eight Escorts
General Stone
Godfathers of Fury
Hero of the Time
Hero of the Waterfront
Knife of Devil's Roaring and Soul Missing, The
Last Breath
Leg Fighters, The
Mask of Vengeance
Revenge Of The Shaolin Master
Shaolin Deadly Kicks
Story in Temple Red Lily
Tornado of Pearl River
Knights of Dragon Fortress
Call Him Mr Shatter
Inheritor of Kung Fu
Jade Tiger
The Heroes
The Revenger
Big Fight, The
Dressed to Fight
Duel Of Karate
Lone Ninja Warrior
Lost Samurai Sword
Notorious Bandit, The
Wanderer with Nimble Knife
A Valiant Villain
Little Hero Of Shaolin Temple
Manchu Boxer, The
Wandering Monk
Descendant of Wing Chun
Duel of the Masters
Duel to the Death
Buddhist Fist
18 Fatal Strikes
The Lord of Hangzhou
Fist of Unicorn
Cheeky Chap
Phantom Killer, The
Chinese Dragon
Invincible Hero
Golden Belt, The
36 Shaolin Beads
A Sword Named Revenge
Iron Ox, The Tiger Killer
Marvelous Stunts of Kung Fu
Shaolin Heroes
Daggers 8
Duel Of The Brave Ones
Kung Fu Stars
Snake Deadly Act
Satyr Monk
Along Comes A Tiger
Assault Of Final Rival
Battle of Shaolin
Disciple of the Shaolin Master
Fatal Fists Vs Fatal Needles
Iron Swallow
Ninja And The Thief
Dragon the Odds, The
Shaolin Kung Fu Master
Shaolin Invincible Sticks
Shaolin Iron Claws
Snaky Knight Fight Against Mantis
Ten Brothers of Shaolin
The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious
The Knight
Tiger Man
Two Assassins of Darkness
Cunning Kids
Kung Fu Kids Break Away
Dirty Kung Fu
Young Avenger
Deadly Snail Vs Kung Fu Killers
13 Styles Strike
Fatal Strike
Fighting Dragon
Flash Challenger
Flying Tiger, The
Golden Triangle, The
Kung Fu Inferno
Magnificent Three, The
One By One
South Shaolin Master
Shaolin and Tai Chi
Begging Swordsman, The
Tiger From Canton
Bamboo Brotherhood, The
Yellow River Fighter
Dream Sword
Face Behind the Mask
Fierce Fist, The
Master and the Kid
Miracle Fighters
Shaolin Drunkard
Taoism Drunkard
Young Taoism Fighter, The
Kung Fu Wonderchild
Korean Connection
Sorrowful to a Ghost
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