Watch Kung Fu Movies For Free

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Watch FREE Kung Fu Movies! No registration required! No Downloads! More than 30 Full Length Feature Films. Watch your favorite Kung Fu Movies. Over at you can in fact watch over 2 dozen kung fu movies, and the list is growing every day. Check the site out to see if there are any movies you have not seen or maybe …

Announcement Video – The Return

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If you happen to find your way to this site other than from my YouTube Channel, than you might have missed this promotional announcement video I made marking the official return of Shaolin Chamber. The new site, Shaolin Chamber 36 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Make sure to have your sound on when viewing …

‘The Dragon and Tiger Kids’ Movie Stills

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Here are a few movie stills from this must see Hwang Jang Lee movie, The Dragon and Tiger Kids. Most people may know it as Hell’s Windstaff. I have saved these images which were originally posted online somewhere, may have been the Kung Fu Fandom forum awhile back. I am posting these here now for those of you that may have missed them …

R.I.P. Linn Haynes

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For those of you who may not have known him or even known of him, Linn Haynes was a person of great knowledge of kung fu movies. He was a person I met through the original “Kung Fu Fandom” forum. Commenting in mutual post, exchanging private messages, meeting up in the chat room, than eventually talking on the phone. …

Exclusive Wallpaper For Your Desktop

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Here is an Exclusive wallpaper brought to you by Shaolin Chamber 36 for any and all to enjoy. A free download to enhance the look of your desktop. This is just the first in many wallpapers that will be offered for free here at SC36. A new section will be added soon enough once I have a few more wallpapers to offer. For those of you …

Can You Guess What Movie This Audio Clip Is From?

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Here is an audio clip I actually featured in one of my ‘Chamber Challenge’ trivia contest a couple years ago (2007) on my original site. For those that may have never heard it, why don’t you give it a listen to and see if you can name which movie this audio clip comes from. HINT: The title of the movie has the word ‘Shaolin’ in it

Not Another Hong Kong Movie News Site

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For those of you that were visitors of my previous site should already know this, and if you are new to Shaolin Chamber I just want to make clear that this site is not or is trying to be another Hong Kong movie news site. There are already quite a few sites that do a very good job at reporting on all the latest news regarding Hong Kong …

New Sections Added!

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I have been working on the site, trying to fine tune it and figure out exactly what I want to get done first. I have so many features and content to add that I have to start somewhere. I started by adding the Screen Cap section in the Gallery, which is pretty much what it sounds like. Screen Cap pictures taken from a movie, which may be in VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray format …