POLL: Sammo’s Greatest Contribution?

by SMK on March 16, 2012 · 8 comments in Buddhist Blog,News & Updates

In an effort to promote more interaction and generate more participation from the community at large, from this day forward I will be placing each weeks poll within its own post. The main reason for this, as suggested by my friend Stewart F., is that possibly besides just casting your vote, people may want to provide some insight for the way they voted, or just generally leave a comment regarding the poll.

Speaking of Stewart F., he has agreed to provide me some assistance with the site by helping me with the polls. He will come up with the poll questions, which actually started with the last poll of “Which is your favorite Shaw Brothers director?“,  to which Chang Cheh just barely edged out Liu Chia-Liang by 2 votes, and poor King Hu only received a single vote. Besides Stewart producing all future polls, he may possibly be doing follow-up post and discuss the results. In an effort to make some improvements to the site, you will see some new changes being made around here, beginning with this new way of presenting …

Which Genre Do You Regard To Be Sammo's Greatest Contribution?

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Stewart F March 19, 2012

Of all the 7 Little Fortunes i think Sammo would’ve been seen at the least likely to succeed to such high esteem, given his portly physique and obvious path to direct movies rather than star, yet thinking now, as i have in the past 10 years or so, i feel his contribution to the world of Asian movies is far more important than the likes of Jackie or Yuen Biao. It will obviously be argued that Jackies breakthrough comedic style set the tone at the end of the 70’s and well into the 80’s and so on but Sammos ability to create style, atmosphere and yet still stick, as far as possible to authentic storylines places him on a higher echelon that still shines though today. I voted for him as Director for this reason, i truly think he created some of the best scenes, characters and storylines that i just don’t think any of even the greatest Directors could imitate.


DongFangXu March 19, 2012

I agree with you. I love Jackie´s films. But I believe Sammo has supported Jackie all those years and stands behind some Jackie´s important films. So I think that Jackie has his great contribution to the world of cinema and probably enjoys more appreciation from general audiences. But Sammo worked on his own films and on everybody else´s too. So Sammo´s work is often not that obviously visible but has much wider effect or impact or…how to say it:-)


Jay Lee March 18, 2012

I voted Choreographer. From Lady Whirlwind and on, he broke free from what everyone else was doing, and created his own style. He introduced intricate choreo, groundbreaking editing techniques and camerawork and a much faster pace, smoother rhythm and innovative ideas for action, when everyone else was still doing swingy arm style. If you look at all the early GH films he did action for, you can actually see a noticeable progression from film to film. Check out Lady Whirlwind, then Hapkido, then When Taekwondo Strikes in succession to see what I mean. Upping the ante every time. I think he sort of plateaued in the late 80’s, and almost flatlined in the 90’s. But his recent work on the Ip Man films, shows that there’s still plenty of life left in the old chubby maestro.


DongFangXu March 19, 2012

Good idea. I have seen Hapkido but I haven´t seen Lady Whirlwind and “Taekwondo Strikes”. I think I should focus on them. Thanks for the tip!


DongFangXu March 17, 2012

….but this is really a difficult question to answer::-) Sammo has contributed to almost all the HK martial arts and action films that meant something to the industry.


DongFangXu March 17, 2012

…but what kind of contribution is most valuable? To the fans, to the industry? Hard to say.


SMK March 17, 2012

I agree with what you said, but it would of been much to easy to just include a “All of the Above” type of answer, as I am sure a lot of people would have voted that way. It does take some thought.


DongFangXu March 18, 2012

Yeah, I agree. I have voted for his choreography. But the poll really works and it forced me to think and decide and I even went to hkmdb and re-checked his filmography again and it made me re-watch The Odd Couple last night (not on this site but I own the HKL dvd – but this site basically lead me to watch it). And again I realized how important to me ,as a fan of the genre, Sammo´s imput really is. I love his films.


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