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This past weekend saw one of America’s most successful martial arts based franchises return to television. With a cartoonish-CGI style and a hip hop theme song inspired by the original cartoon, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kicked off a new series on Nickelodeon. Starting with a self-published comic book almost thirty years ago, the Turtles have spawned four successful theatrical films, two traditionally animated series, a live action show, children’s comics, an anime mini-series, the new CGI show and an upcoming movie as well as a stack of video games and a closetful of toys. We even vaguely remember TMNT pasta and breakfast cereal.

The new show is definitely kid-friendly (even going so far as to turn everyone’s favorite reporter April O’Neil into a spunky teenage girl) but seems to still draw from the original comic book mythology. There’s ooze, Splinter, alien brains in robot bodies and the Turtles’ struggle to learn to work as a team. New ideas are present, though, such as the junior version of April, a mutant plant adversary (named Snakeweed) and some slight changes to the familiar Ninja Turtle gear. Despite the family friendly Y7 rating (for fantasy violence) there is plenty of laser fire, martial arts and throwing star action. It isn’t the old TMNT, for example the constant shouting of Cowabunga and Dude are mercifully gone, but all in all it is the familiar gang of amphibians being introduced to a new generation with a nice, modern feel. The show is off to a promising start and the old die-hards can only hold their breath and hope the Triceratons and Casey Jones show up soon!

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