POLL: Favorite Mark Long Performance?

by SMK on April 8, 2012 · 10 comments in Buddhist Blog,News & Updates

Mark Long (Aliases: Mark Long, Lung Kuan-Wu, Loong Koon-Mo, Long Guan-Wun, Dragon Lung, Lau Ching-Fat), has been involved in so many great films, I know it may be hard to select one single film to name a favorite, which is why we have limited the amount of films to choose from to just 5 titles. Remember, you are not picking which of these films is your favorite, but which films features your favorite Mark Long performance?

Besides casting your vote, please feel free to leave a comment below explaining your pick if you’d like. Thank you for your participation.

Which movie listed features your favorite Mark Long performance?

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RG March 10, 2013

The rap group Wu -Tang Clan put out a dvd in the 90’s with kung fu clips. One of the clips had Mark Long in his Chess Boxing outfit and fake white beard. He kept doing splits and pounding the hell out of two other guys. But it wasn’t the Chess Boxing movie! Wish I knew the name of it! The fight was awesome!


WOL March 18, 2013

36 Deadly Styles


Qigong Crew June 9, 2012

I second Bobs comment!!


KUNG FU BOB May 31, 2012

Hmmm… how do I vote? I don’t see anything to click on next to the movies. I’m using Firefox… Please help. I want my vote to count… I want to be heard! LOL


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