Jackie Chan Hits Toronto Film Festival

by Michael Lauck on September 10, 2012 · 0 comments in News & Updates

Promoting what is billed as his last major action movie, Jackie Chan is visiting the Toronto Film Festival as a part of their Asian Film Summit. Set for a December premiere, Chan’s 101st film will see him reprising the role of Asian Hawk in Armor of God III: Chinese Zodiac. Even though this will supposedly be his last blockbuster action feature, Chan promises his fans that he will continue to make films. Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, quotes Jackie as saying, “It’s the last major action film, but I’m still going to be filming more, don’t worry.”

‘Chinese Zodiac’ Trailer


‘Chinese Zodiac’ Poster


UPDATE: September 14 , 2012

There have been several stories for martial arts movie fans coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), including the release of a new poster for The Last Tycoon and trailers for Jackie Chan’s “last big action movie,” Chinese Zodiac, Friday NPR’s Monkey See blog posted a new, short interview with the king of action from TIFF here.

Excerpt from article:

“When you fight on the screen, it looks like it’s a real fight, like you could get hurt,” observes moderator Cameron Bailey.

“Oooh … hurt too many!” says Chan. “Because at that time, we don’t know special effect, we just know: one shot, camera, boom, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa …” He waves his fists in the air. “This day — boom-kah! Ka-ka-ka-ka!” — he twists his hands in such a way as to suggest fast editing — “Is so easy this day!”


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