Hwang Jang Lee’s Canton Viper DVD

by SMK on November 16, 2012 · 2 comments in Buddhist Blog,News & Updates

Thanks to the guys over at Houndslowteam, for those that don’t know, consist of a group of guys who came together after the death of a friend, to collectively find obscure martial arts films, restore and subtitle, then release to the masses, all in remembrance of their lost friend, “Houndslow”, who was a huge fan of classic martial arts films himself.

In 2009 we read the bad news that our good friend, houndslow had left this world. Because this was a big shock for all of us, we “Hungrytiger, Hanak and Danilo-San” decided to make a friendly team for Kung Fu Movie collectors.
This site is also then dedicated to our lost friend Andrew.
May our dear friend Andrew REST in peace.

We Will NEVER Forget You!

-Houndslow Team

Andrew was a great supporter of this site, as well as my previous one, and through our numerous dealings back and forth through email, I realized how extremely generous he was, as he did not ever expect or wanted anything in return for the many contributions he made to my sites over the years.

The Houndslow Team have recently released a DVD that I am sure most fans of this site and kung fu movies would love to see, that being Hwang Jang Lee’s (no longer rare) 1983  film, Canton Viper. Thanks to the team, the film recently premiered at the 3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia. To read more on the details of the event, as well as a review of the film itself, click here.

The DVD is for sale over at http://www.houndslowteam.tk, it is priced at $30, or you can buy it in a package deal along with 3 other rare, must have releases, for a bundled price of $60 +shipping, saving yourself $20 this way.


Canton Viper Promotional Trailer

Canton Viper Restoration Process

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david white May 24, 2017

I wont the dvd of canton vper


nectarsis November 18, 2012

Planning on the bundle ASAP, along with the rest of their titles….some CHOICE looking stuff.


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