FuTube Fridays: Ninja in the Dragon’s Den

by SMK on September 28, 2012 · 2 comments in News & Updates

The amount of martial arts related videos on YouTube is staggering, whether it be clips from movies, movie trailers, or even full length films (broken up in parts or 1 complete video), there is tons of content to be enjoyed. A feature  I had on my site for over a year, which could of been found in the right sidebar, was the ‘Daily FuTube Showcase’ section. I recently decided to take that down, and instead showcase a video as a actual post instead. If you checked out the ‘REAL Flying Guillotines‘ post, then you’ve seen what I mean. So from time to time, you can expect a post which in fact highlights a martial arts related video taken straight from YouTube. I will also be doing a weekly series called ‘FuTube Fridays’. This will basically consist of highlighting a full length martial arts film that can be found on YouTube. A lot of these films that will be featured, may not have been properly placed on the site (legally have the right to have uploaded the film), and could possibly be taken down one day, so enjoy the films while you can.

Ninja in the Dragon’s Den

Starring: Conan Lee, Sanada Hiroyuki, Tanaka Hirishi, Hwang Jang Lee
Year Released: 1982
Director: Corey Yuen
Language: English Dubbed

Movie Review of ‘Ninja in the Dragon’s DenFar East Films

I apologize if the movie featured in this post is no longer available for viewing. At the time this post was made the movie was still live. When uploading full length movies, there is always the chance that YouTube could take down the video due to copyright violations.

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Byron October 2, 2012

Awesome idea for posts…and an EPIC movie…the stilt fight, one of the best theme songs of all time, Hwang Jang Lee, Conan Lee, Hiroyuki Sanada…this movie is ALL win.


David Hosier October 1, 2012

This movie is pretty great. I saw it a while back and actually started re-watching it last night before I saw this post. The scene towards the beginning where they fight on stilts is classic.


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