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Here you can listen to or download any audio files that have been featured in the Sounds From The Chamber section of Shaolin Chamber 36.
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Wong Fei Hung (Hip Hop Remix) ?Once Upon A Time in China (1991)02:212.16 MB128 KBPS
Lone Wolf and Cub (TV Series) Theme Song ?Lone Wolf and Cub (TV Series 1973-1976)03:293.19 MB128 KBPS
The Legend of the Ninja Alfredo Chen SingersNinja in the Dragon's Den (1982)03:388.32 MB320 KBPS
He's A Legend, He's A Hero Anders Nelson He's A Lenged, He's A Hero (AKA: The Dragon Lives) (1976)01:562.67 MB192 KBPS
The Fight Barry De VorzonThe Warriors (1979)01:121.38 MB160 KBPS
Stampede Barry De Vorzon & Perry Botkin JrShaolin Iron Claws (1978)01:474.09 MB320 KBPS
Somebody's Gonna Off The Man (Instrumental)
Barry White & Love UnlimitedDiamond Fight (1982)04:209.92 MB320 KBPS
Kill Them All
Kill Them All (Alternate Version)
Kill Them All (Vocal Version)
Berto Pisano and Jacques ChaumontThe Hot, the Cool and the Vicious (1976)03:03
2.79 MB
1.28 MB
2.97 MB
128 KBPS
The Final Bell Bill ContiSoul Brothers of Kung Fu (1977)01:551.77 MB128 KBPS
King of Kung Fu CandyGoodbye, Bruce Lee - His Last Game of Death (1975)03:515.29 MB192 KBPS
Junkie Chase (Instrumental) Curtis MayfieldBruce and the Iron Finger (1979)01:413.85 MB320 KBPS
Suppression De WolfeTwo Champions of Shaolin (1980)0:58920 KB128 KBPS
Dodge City 1 De WolfeReturn to the 36th Chamber (1980)02:091.97 MB128 KBPS
Bitter Lemons De WolfeFlag of Iron (1980), My Young Auntie (1981)01:521.72 MB128 KBPS
Counterspy De WolfeDirty Ho (1979)02:051.91 MB128 KBPS Theme Song Dirty Cheng ZiN/A01:371.95 MB160 KBPS
Hang 'Em High Theme Dominic FrontiereDeath Duel of Kung Fu (1979), Mar's Villa (1979)02:482.56 MB128 KBPS
The Big Gundown Ennio MorriconeThe Secret Rivals (1976)02:232.18 MB128 KBPS
Battle For Shaolin Ghostface KillahDJ Unexpeceted & Hevehitta - Shaolin Rescuers Mixtape03:207.65 MB320 KBPS
Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese New Year Remix) GorillazThe Karate Kid (2010)03:534.95 MB177 KBPS
Manoeuvres Jack TrombleyBastard Swordsman (1983)02:021.86 MB128 KBPS
The Drunken Master (Mandarin) Jackie ChanDrunken Master II (1994)03:026.97 MB320 KBPS
Fearless Jay ChouJet Li's Fearless (2006)04:386.36 MB191 KBPS
Oxygene Part 2 Jean Michel JarreSnake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)08:0811.2 MB192 KBPS
The Dome Jerry GoldsmithInvincible Armour (1977)02:123.16 MB200 KBPS
Sky High JigsawThe Man From Hong Kong (1975)02:513.99 MB192 KBPS
Jam Sandwich Jimmy PageShanghai 13 (1984)02:355.93 MB320 KBPS
Willie Chase (Instrumental) JJ JohnsonBruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (1976)02:021.86 MB128 KBPS
You're The Best Joe EspositoThe Karate Kid (1984)02:592.73 MB128 KBPS
Maestro Kawai KenjiIp Man (2008)01:524.30 MB320 KBPS
Theme From 'Enter The Dragon' Lalo SchifrinEnter the Dragon (1973)02:253.32 MB192 KBPS
Lone Wolf's Theme Mark LindsayShogun Assassin (1980)03:597.29 MB256 KBPS
Flight at Diablo Pass Neal HeftiSleeping Fist (1979)04:169.78 MB320 KBPS
Super 16 Neu!Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976) (Excerpt used in Kill Bill Vol.1)03:394.98 MB190 KBPS
The Other Car Oliver NelsonDeath Duel of Kung Fu (1979)03:559.00 MB320 KBPS
Roots Mural Theme Quincy JonesThe 7 Grandmasters (1978)
Snuff-Bottle Connection (1977)
02:084.91 MB320 KBPS
They Call Me Mister Tibbs Quincy JonesA Man Called Tiger (1973)04:328.35 MB256 KBPS
Brutes and Savages Riz OrtolaniThe Thundering Mantis (1980)04:4010.6 MB320 KBPS
Day of Anger
Day of Anger 2
Day of Anger 3
Day of Anger 4
Day of Anger 5
Day of Anger 6
Riz OrtolaniInvincible Armour (1977)02:50
6.49 MB
3.11 MB
7.17 MB
4.40 MB
2.78 MB
3.02 MB
320 KBPS
320 KBPS
320 KBPS
320 KBPS
320 KBPS
320 KBPS
And Then There Were Drums Sandy NelsonCall Me Dragon (1974)02:486.44 MB320 KBPS
Shingon Buddhist Chant Shingon Buddhist MonksNone01:561.77 MB128 KBPS
'Cool Breeze' Theme Solomon BurkeKnight Errant (1973)03:023.48 MB160 KBPS
Bongo Rock '73 The Incredible Bongo BandBruce Li in New Guinea (1978)02:382.42 MB128 KBPS