Art of High-Impact Kicking, TheWorld VideoInstructional Ass Kicking Techniques by Hwang Jang LeeHKFlix
Back Alley PrincessJoy SalesPolly and Angela Get Down!HKFlix
Duel of the Century, TheWell Go USAThe candles never had a chanceHKFlix
Elimination Pursuit, TheBCI Eclipse5 on 1, is that really fair?Amazon
Fly Dragon Mountain, TheHoker RecordsWitness the BEST stool dodger in all of Taiwan.YesAsia
Girl Fighter, AHoker RecordsSome guys try to get Polly to 'Party', and she Just Says No! Good for you Polly.YesAsia
Goodbye, Bruce LeeAnchor Bay'Bruce' had no trouble taking on these punks. He didn't even dirty his white suit.Amazon
Kung Fu Wonder ChildMangPong2 on 1. She don't need any helpeThaiCD
HapkidoHong Kong LegendsCarter Wong weaponless vs 2 Swordsmen, no problemHKFlix
Magnificent Kick, TheEPIMantis Fist!HKFlix
One Armed Chivalry Fights Against One Armed ChivalryFourth StrikeOne Armed Swordsman!Amazon
Shaolin Red MasterVideo AsiaHand to Hand, Shaolin Style!Amazon
Shaolin vs NinjaRed SunA gang of ninjas fighting one Shaolin abbotHKFlix
Sword, TheCrash CinemaJimmy Wang Yu with a sword, somebody's getting cut!Amazon
Tigress of Shaolin, TheIVLShaolin pole sparring, you gotta love it! SORRY, NO Kara Hui in this clip.HKFlix
Trinity Goes EastMangPongBruce vs. ShaolineThaiCD
Victim, TheNEWSammo's impressive three-section staff performance.HKFlix
World of Drunken MasterBonzaiJack Long is a true Drunken Master!HKFlix