Magnificent Butcher – “Train Hard” [Tank Top]

Directed by Yuen Woo-Ping and starring the one and only Sammo Hung, MAGNIFICENT BUTCHER (1979) is a Golden Harvest kung fu classic from Hong Kong’s most exciting era! Sammo plays real-life butcher Lam Sai-Wing, a well-meaning student with a noble spirit, who nevertheless seems to inadvertently find trouble wherever he goes. When he’s not training in Hung Fist kung fu under his sifu, the famous Wong Fei-Hung (played here by Kwan Tak-Hing, who played the role in over a hundred films), he is either getting into trouble, or being punished for his exploits via even more tough endurance training. – Kung Fu Bob
Gildan (2200) 6 oz. 100% cotton. Preshrunk jersey knit. Banded neck and armholes. Double-needle bottom hem.
This design depicts Butcher Wing as he endures a punishment/endurance training exercise for upsetting his teacher. He is forced to stand in the Hung Fist’s punishing ‘horse stance’ while balancing jugs of water on his outstretched arms (strengthening his arms and torso), and supporting a third water jug from a wooden bit in his mouth (which works his neck muscles). Many kung fu cinema fans have drawn inspiration from watching the films, to study martial arts in their real lives, and the often prominent and entertaining training sequences they’ve seen provide them with an idea of the hard work involved to achieve high skill levels in the arts. With this in mind, we’ve added the message “Train Hard” to the design, with the film’s Chinese name- Lam Sai-Wing- in the background. This is a 1 color design in white.

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Magnificent Butcher - Train Hard [Tank Top]
6 oz. 100% Cotton Tee. 1 color design in white. Professionally screen printed. The design has a very soft hand feel to it.
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