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A Frozen Flower

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Hi Daisho2004

I just finished watching the movie, I've had the Korean DVD laying around for a couple of weeks (that's the problem with Korean DVD's...the First Press editions go out of print so fast that even titles you'd normally sit on the fence about for a while, you have to make a quick decision to buy or not!)...

I thought it was a great movie, although first and foremost it's a drama, out of the 2:20 hr running time, only five minutes or so is action, there are actually more sex scenes than action scenes....this film certainly gives both 'Lust, Caution' and 'Brokeback Mountain' a run for their money!

Which brings me to the story...the plot revolves around the love triangle that develops between the King, his chief bodyguard, and the Queen (in that order), if I had to compare it to one movie it would be 'Curse of the Golden Flower', not in the plot but in it's tone, although I enjoyed 'A Frozen Flower' endlessly more than COTGF.

If you like Korean movies, definitely check it out, however just don't go in there expecting an action movie because it's anything but.

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One Armed Boxer: Thanks for the review, from the preview I kinda got that Broke Back Mountain feel to it! But I do enjoy a good storyline so I will give it a watch when I can get a copy of it soon.

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Is not an action movie, is a drama, with traces of wuxia and action scenes. The acting of the main characters is very good, the screenplay and fight scenes too.

Spoiler alert!

The plot deals with a delicate subject: homosexuality inside the Palace (the love between the King and the Chief of the Bodyguards). The triangle turns dramatically: The King loves the Chief, the Chief fall in love for the Queen and the drama explode.

Is amazing the transformation of the character of the King, from a lover, a politician related with the chinese Yuan, in peace with his lover, the Chief, and then an furious, inquietant, bloody, menacing person, mad because his love abandon him.

Worth the pain to watch this movie.


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The Korean Culture Office here in Sydney kicked off its 2013 Cinema on the Park lineup with this movie, for anyone interested in checking it out, I posted a more indepth review than my previous comments here -


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Didnt realise u were in Sydney too OAB

Here's the full lineup for Cinema On The Park

Unfortunately Thurs nights dont work for me at all

Hey derwood, yeah I'm based in Sydney, it was thanks to your tip off that I contributed to JB Hi Fi's sales of 'Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning'!:tongue:

I'm the senior blogger for the Cinema on the Park program over at the Korean Culture Office, and I actually organized the Action month that was held there in November, you can check out links to it here if you're interested -

The Road to Action - an overview of the trials & tribulations of arranging the movies -


Review of the opening weeks movie, 'The Kick' -


Review of the second weeks movie, 'Miss, Please Be Patient' -


Review of the third weeks movie, 'Canton Viper' -


Review of the closing weeks movie, 'Action Boys' -


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