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Good work; thanks! I've got a big update due for 1975, which has loads of missing titles. :mad: Also, thinking of starting a new topic for Golden Movie News (Golden Harvest magazine), though unsure if the amount of interest will warrant such an undertaking.

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AUG 1977

Duel w/ the Devils (color)

Unknown (color)

Warlock of the battlefield (b/w)

Unknown (b/w)

Perfume from Swords (b/w)

Eagle Claw (b/w)

Unknown (b/w)

Updated all those! Is Clutch of Power also included?


UPDATE: 1975 is now complete except for a face!!! XD

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This thread has recently been updated! (check "Last edited by Falkor xxxxx")

Coming soon:

Issue : 1979 July #115 with Sibelle Hu on cover (1-2 days)

1972 Mar【CINEMART】# 27 Ivy Ling Poh (7-10 days)

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#115 Jul 1979


Mystery Of Chess Boxing (colour)

Snake Deadly Act (B&W)

Butterfly 18 (B&W)

Cantonen Iron Kung Fu (B&W)

Beauty Escort (B&W)

Last Hurrah For Chivalry (B&W)

World Of Drunken Master (B&W)

Butcher Wing (B&W)


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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a super-fan - frigging - tastic thread.I've been away too long and missed all the fun.Excellent stuff I can feast my eyes all night on this.Bravo

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All of these have been updated today:

#27 Mar 1972


The Notorious Ones (B&W)

Crush (B&W)

The Gallant starring Wang Yu (B&W)

One Armed Swordswoman (B&W)

Bloody Fists (B&W)

Bandits From Shantung (B&W poster)


#92 Aug 1977


Chivalry, Gunmen, Killer (B&W)

Lost Swordship (B&W)

Duel w/ the Devils (color)

Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver (color)

Warlock of the Battlefield (B&W)

Gloomy Tower (B&W)

Eagle Claw (B&W)

Woman Of The Hour (B&W)

Knife Of The Devils Roaring and Soul Missing (colour poster)

Clutch of Power (1 page colour)

Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds and Wild Fire (B&W)

Golden Mask (colour poster)



#117 Sep 1979


Beauty Escort (colour)

7 Commandments of Kung Fu (colour poster)

Butterfly 18 (colour)

Big Rascal (B&W)

Magnificent Butcher (B&W)

The Sword starring Adam Cheng (B&W)

Marvelous Kung Fu (B&W)

Thundering Mantis (B&W)

Eight Escorts (B&W)

Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl (B&W)

Peculiar Boxing Tricks and the Master (B&W)

Death Duel of Mantis (colour poster)


#121 Jan 1980


Heroes (colour)

Fighting Ace (colour)

Struggle Through Death (B&W)

Northern Kicks, Southern Fists (B&W)

The Crippled Masters (B&W)

Leg Fighters (B&W)

Unknown (B&W)


#122 Feb 1980


Super Power (colour)

Young Master (B&W)

Killer Wears White (B&W)

Kung Fu Kids Break Away (B&W)

Devil Design (B&W)

Young Avenger (B&W)

The Great Justice (B&W)

Young Hero (B&W)

Unknown Meng Fei (B&W)


#126 Jun 1980


Mask Of Vengeance (B&W)

The Sword (B&W)

Devil Design (B&W)

A Man Of Immortality (B&W)



Mask Of Vengeance (colour)

The Sword (B&W)

Read Lips (B&W)

The Fool Escape

The Sun Moon Legend (B&W)

Unknown War film (B&W)


Coming soon: 116, 155 + more

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All these have been added/updated in the last week:

#85 Jan 1977*


The 8 Masters (color)

Chivalrous Inn (1 page colour)

Rebel Of Shaolin (1 page color)

Dragon Lives Again (color)

Double Double Crosser/Deadly Rivalry (B&W)

Naval Commandoes (B&W)

Naval Commandoes (colour poster)


#90 Jun 1977*


Deadly Silver Spear (B&W)

Invincible Armour (B&W)

Pai Yu Ching (colour)

Showdown At the Equator (B&W)

Raining In The Mountain & Legend of the Mountain


#103 Jul 1978*


Rare Hsia Kwan Lee (only at TaiwanDb) (1 page colour)

Deadly Strike (colour)

Love Of The White Snake (B&W)

Enter The Fat Dragon (B&W)

On Armed Against Nine Killers (B&W)

One Way Only (B&W)

Tattoo Connection (B&W)

Super Dragon w/ Cliff Lok (B&W)

Deadly Strike (B&W)

Rare Hsia Kwan Lee (only at TaiwanDb) (B&W)

Unknown (1 page colour)

#111 Mar 1979


Blood Treasurey Fight

+ more


#116 Aug 1979*


Thundering Mantis (colour)

Lost Kung Fu Secrets (colour)

Merciful Buddha (B&W)


#134 Feb 1981*


The Informer (colour)

Kung Fu Emperor (B&W)

Postman Fights Back (B&W)

Unbeaten 28 (B&W)

Fight For Glory (B&W)


#135 Mar 1981*


Kung Fu Emperor (colour)

A Man Of Immortality (colour)

Unknown - possibly became The Pier (colour)

Money Is Lovely (colour)

Diamond Fight (1 page colour)

The Club (colour)

Unknown "Shi Mun Ting kid" (B&W)

Prodigal Son (B&W)

Phantom Killer (B&W)

Take The Rap (B&W)

Unbeaten 28 (B&W)

#155 Nov 1982*


Project A (colour)

My Beloved (colour poster)

Unknown (colour)

Project A (1 page B&W)

Unknown Tung Wai (1 page B&W)

Hocus Pocus (B&W)

Deadly Angels starring Brigitte Lin (colour poster)

#163 Jul 1983*


Demon Fighter (colour)

Revenger (colour)

Shaolin Vs. Lama (colour)

Nine Demons (colour)

Abbot White 2 + Warriors Of Shaolin (1 page colour)

Wheel Of Life (1 page colour)

Winners and Sinners (B&W)

Shaolin and Wu Tang (B&W)

Profile in Anger (B&W)

#188 Aug 1985*


Police Story (colour)

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (colour)

From Here To Prosperity (colour)

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (B&W)

Also, covers have been added for these issues:

21a.jpg 49690 2009-12-26 9:06

24a.jpg 54135 2009-12-26 9:06

31a.jpg 49011 2009-12-26 9:07

33a.jpg 62015 2009-12-26 9:15

36a.jpg 51733 2009-12-26 9:15

38a.jpg 49651 2009-12-26 9:16

44a.jpg 63785 2009-12-26 9:16

45a.jpg 51165 2009-12-26 9:17

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#8 Aug 1970


13 Worms (B&W)

The Story of Ti-Ying (4 page B&W)

The Ghost's Sword (B&W)

The Ghost's Sword (B&W poster)


#152 Aug 1982


Unknown; see below (B&W + colour poster)

Blood Brothers (colour)

New York Chinatown (B&W)

Duel To The Death (B&W)


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#18 Jun 1971*


Comet Strikes (B&W poster)

14 Amazons (B&W poster)

Magnificent Chivalry (4 pages B&W)

Hurricane (B&W)

"In The Nick Of Time" (B&W) starring Kao Yuan (detective based possibly without Kung Fu)

Bus Stop (B&W) not really Kung Fu

Brave & The Evil (4 pages B&W)

Unsung Heroes Of The Wilderness (B&W)

14 Amazons (B&W) behind the scenes

Amunition Hunters (B&W)

The Story Of Ti Ying (B&W) drama?

Mad Killer (colour poster)

Missing back cover


#23 Nov 1971*


Big Boss (B&W poster)

Desperate Chase/Blood Of The Dragon (B&W)

Beach Of The War Gods (B&W)

Adventure / Iron Fist Adventures (B&W)

"Jin Wen Dam" (B&W) possible has Kung Fu action


#31 Jul 1972


Devil and Angel (colour poster)

Cannibals (1 page B&W)

Fist Of Unicorn (1 page B&W)

Blind Boxer (B&W)

Filial Son (B&W)

Cannibals (B&W)

Wang Yu King Of Boxers (B&W)

Ma Su Chen (B&W)

Devil and Angel (B&W)

Ghostly Face (B&W)

Back Street (B&W)

A Kiss To Remember (B&W) starring Wang Yu but unlikely to contain Kung Fu

Western film directed by Lee Hang, starring Au Wei and Chui Fook-Sang (B&W)

Boxer From Shantung (B&W) behind the scenes

Autumn Execution (4 pages B&W) probably no Kung Fu

Way Of The Dragon (B&W)

Ghostly Face (1 page colour)

Blind Boxer (colour)

Unknown basher (1 page colour)



#37 Jan 1973


Devil and Angel (colour poster)

Roaring Lion (B&W poster)

Fingers That Kill? (B&W)

Chinese (B&W)

Policewoman (B&W)

Knight Errant (B&W)

Gathering Of Heroes (B&W)

Awaken Punch (B&W)

Private Eye (B&W)

Two Cavaliers (B&W)

Assassin/Bodyguard starring Larry Lee (B&W)

Black List (B&W)

Stranger From Canton (1 page colour)

Assassin/Bodyguard starring Larry Lee (colour)

Tiger (colour)


#54 Jun 1974


Kidnap in Rome (B&W)

Valiant Ones (B&W)

The Witch (1 page colour) doubt it contains any Kung Fu.

Badge 369 (B&W)

Na Cha The Great (B&W)


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#125 May 1980*


Buddhist Fist (B&W)

Unknown; see below (B&W)

Leg Fighters (1 page colour)

Sword (B&W)


#123 Mar 1980*


Revenger (colour) MISSING 1 page

Northern Kicks, Southern Fists (colour)

Devil Design (B&W)


#138 Jun 1981*


Great Cheat (B&W)

Prodigal Son (B&W)

Dragon Lord (B&W)

"War After Truce" (colour)

Gambler's Duel (colour)

The Imp (colour)


#146 Feb 1982*


Duel To The Death (B&W)

Champions (B&W)

Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave (colour)

Carry On Pickpocket

#147 Mar 1982*


Miracle Fighters (B&W)

Postman Fights Back (B&W)

Four Encounters (B&W)

Mad Rose (B&W)

Lily Under The Muzzle (B&W)

Can't Stop The War (colour)

#158 Feb 1983*


Dead and the Deadly (B&W)

Zu (B&W)

Shaolin Drunkard (B&W)

Attack Of The Joyful Goddess (colour)

Fantasy Mission Force (colour)

Shaolin Drunkard (colour)

Project A (colour)

#171 Mar 1984*


Heroes Shed No Tears (B&W)

Profile In Anger (B&W)

Death Ring (B&W)

Death Ring (colour)

#173 May 1984*


5 Fighters From Shaolin (B&W)

Wheels On Meals (B&W)

#178 Oct 1984


Death Ring (B&W)

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