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hi guys back after short break due to illnes scare

has anyone got the following films to trade dvdrs

my son (shaw brothers)

black dragon river (hwang jang lee)

rersort called hell

cute aloha vampire

deadly assault

revenge in fury

comet strikes (joysales dvd version)

laughing hero

angry grimmace of tiger

crisis (cathay)

china first swordsmaN

the big fellow

invitation to hell (bobby kim)

karate panther (james nam)

blind swordsman part 1,2

unicorn fortress

The Filial Girl At The Icy Valley

Woman Of The Hour

phantom chivalry

one armed guest

if you do and want a trade p/m or leave message here and i will get back to you

my trade list

7 knights

13 year old boy

a heroine in melon shed (MAINLAND) no subs w/s

a lion’s tale (w/s no subs)

a rascal,s tale w/s

Ak 47

Adventure of the monkey

Allianced of hung sect

Amazoness in white (japanese) no subs

Army of darkness (mainland) subbed

Bandits from shantung (new joysales dvd)

Bare knuckles

Battle in red temple (firefly) w/s

Best and the worst aka black boss (subbed)

Big deal (moon lee) w/s sub

Bionic heroes (eng dub) ifd film is killer elephants this is uncut

Bisikan arwah (Indonesian) horror and kung fu

Black dream (W/S SUBBED)

Blood legend of xin qi ji

Blow back (jAPanese)

Blow back 2 (Japanese)

Brigade blank panther (german) shaws aka drug conection

Brother kim du han and sirasoni

Chang zhou jie 2 hao (mainland)

Charisma (subbed)

Chief of red flower society

Child of peach (subbed)

China armed escort (w/s subbed) better print

Chinese evil mystique (rarekungfumovies)

Chinese paladin tv series home made

Chiung ying (no subs)

Countryside hero (w/s subbed)

Crazy nuts (coming soon)

crazy safari (w/s subbed)

Crazy stone (coming soon)

Crimes are to be paid (w/s no subs)

Crime city cops (no subs)

Curry and pepper (vcd)

Death raiders (ramon Zamora) eng dub

Death warrior (Turkish)

Der gelbe gorilla (aka bruce and shaolin kung fu) german print eng dub w/s

Die todliche macht der alderkralle aka kung u vs yoga w/s dub

Doctor justice (French karate film)

Don’t kill me brother (sub)

Double crosser (trash-online dvd)

Dreaming fists with slender hands

Dry wood ,fierce fire vcd

Duel of swordsmen (german) coming soon_)

Duel with the devils (ocean shores w/s dub)

Dynasty heroes (coming son)

Eastern kung fu god (w/s sub)

Empire on fire (Indonesian) eng dub

Enchanting shadow (celestial)

Escape from the kingdom

Exposed to danger (pixelled)

Female ninjas (japanese)

Female ninjas 2 (coming soon)

Female ninjas 3 (japanese)

Female nio ninjas


Fight for honour (mainland) no subs

Fight for solstice (mainland) no subs

File of heroes (thai)

Final surprisal (teddy page)

final victory (coming soon)

fist of fury tv series 15 dvds (no subs) Donnie yen

fists fangs and film (venoms documentary)

for bad boys only (coming soon)

fury in a storm

gallant kings aka the gallantry knight

gambling nun (coming soon)

generation consultation (thai)

girl with the diamond slipper (vcd transfer)

golden cup and wandering dragon

golden gambler

golden ninja warrior (ifd) Japanese vhs print w/s dub

golden phoenix (coming soon)

golden sabre (raree swordplay)

godly beggar

goofy gang (w/s subbed)

great white lotus

haruschi das bulke scharwtz der racht aka the desperate chase

he is my enemy,partner and my father in law (coming soon)

hero behind enemy lines (coming soon)

heroic love and passion vcd

heroine lu (hkvideo)

hung gar story (coming soon)

I,ll get you one day

Impossible mission (shaw brothers) subbed

Invincible from hell ifd w/s

Invasion (ifd) german

Invincible showdown (eyecatcher movies) german print (mandarin and german dub)eng sub

Invincible sword (joysales) legendary collection

Jade in red dust (2 dvds) b/white swordplay

Jail of no return (vhs copy)

Justice my foot (celestial)

Kanei command performance (jap/eng subs) yashuaki kurata

Karate kid 1-4 boxset 4 dvds

Kille devil (w/s sub)

Killer sword (w/s no subs)

King of sword (w/s no subs)

King of the children (fantasy)

Kua guo jie sha (vcd)

Kung fu vs acrobat

Lantern festival (subbed)

Last challenge of the dragon dub

Laughing times (joysales)

Law or justice (shaw brothers)

Legend of chu lin hsiang

Legend of dailing mountains (w/s) no subs (mainland)

Legend of leo tin ting (shi szu)

Legend of lionheart (coming soon)

Legend of the cutter (koean ) full dvd eng subbed

Legend of the owl (joysales legendary collection)

Legend of white snake (thai vcd rip)

Lethal extortion (godfrey-ho)

Lewd lizard w/s subbed

Li lian jie,s shaolin kung fu (mei-ha)

Lifeline (shaws)

Life under foreign invasion

Lin Hsiao liu (unknown movie) w/s no sub maybe hello Dracula part 2,3,4

Liu sai leung

Lone kung fu hero (bobby kim)

Lost souls (celestial)

Love to kill (coming soon)

Lunatic frog woman aka virgin commandoes

Ma zu chen takes revenge

magic blade (siren version) eng dub

Magic blade (tv series fights only) 1 dvd

Magic legs (w/s)no subs

Magic palm

Magnificent 72 (swordplay)

Man from Vietnam (w/s)raw

Matchless paired swords (shik kien connie chan) b/w swordplay

Midnight angel (flk) sub

Mighty couple (raree swordplay)

Mismatched couples (vcd transfer)

Mission over eagles castle (w/s no subs)

Moeru yusha aka burning brave (Japanese no subs) full dvd

Momotaro zamurai (tv series) 13 dvds eng subbed (good pic)

Momantaro zamurai (tv series) season 2 (13 dvds)

Money crazy (w/s subbed) cant copy

Monkey soldiers to the rescue (b/w)

Moon star and sun

Moslem sacred fire decree (2 dvds) swordplay

Moving targets (coming soon)

Muay thai chauyi (korean)eng subbed

Murders made to order

New clans of intrigue (w/s raw)

Night of the ninja (vhs transfer) ifd

Ninja killer (eng dub Swedish subs)

Ninja vixens 1 (vixens dropouts) live action (neon-g) subbed

Ninja vixens 2 (ninja devils)

Ninja vixens 3 (ninja crimson blade)

Ninja vixens 4 (forbidden ninja)

Ninja vixens 5 (carnal ninja)

Ninja vixens 6 (ninja flame)

Ninja vixens 7 (ninja nightmare)

Noble warrior (flk) w/s french

North and south chivalry (raw) raree swordplay

Oldboy (coming soon)

once upon a time in china 4 (Taiwanese print)

One armed big brother somat (Indonesian)

One armed hero (ritek) w/s subbed

Operation pendragon (raw)

Orders from forbidden city

Painted skin (2008) subbed (new Donnie yen)

Paragon of sword and knife parts 1,2 (no subs) 2 dvds

Pay off (vcd) joysales

Payment in blood (w/s german)

Phoenix from sholin (thai vcd)

Play catch

Plook (vcd)

Plook 2 (vcd)

Plook 3 (vcd)

Promise to the killers (w/s)

Prosperous of family (hoker) w/s sub

Protégé (full dvd)

Psychedelic cop (coming soon)

Queen bee vcd (subbed)

Rainbow force (ifd) greek subs

Rascal billionaires #

Red and black w/s sub

Red beard (shaws) subbed l/quality

Red canvas

rEd panther (joysales vcd)

red shadow (classic and modern versions ) 2 dvds

reformed gambler

retreat of godfather (dubbed)

return of the assassin (larry lee) uk pre cert vhs w/s transfer

revenge in fury (coming soon)

revenge of the corpse aka blood thirsty dead

revenge of superlady 3d

road warriors (joysales legendary collection)

romancing star (vcd)

romancing star 2 (vcd)

running out of time (coming soon)

ruthless eunuch

sandglass tv series 8 dvds full Korean w/s eng sub(hj/lee)

savage temptation ifd eng dub

secretly ferried woman (mainland)

Scared stiff (universe)

Scholar swordsman (raw)

Score (m.i.a) w/s subbed

Score 2 (m.i.a) w/s subbed

Seaman no 7 (german remastered dvd) eng dub (eye catcher movies)

Secret messengers (w/s sub) raree swordplay

Secretly ferried woman (mainland)

Shadow boxer (firefly)

shaolin drunken monk (letterbox)

Shaolin hero chan san feng

Shaolin vs black magic (subbed)

Shaolin vs evil dead 2 ultimate power

Shaolin vs ninja/shaolin vs tai chi (rarescope)

Shaolin vs vampire (rarescope)

Shaolin vs wutang w/s subbed best print

Sherlock holmes and woman knight (w/s) no subs

She,d hate rather than love (hoker) w/s sub

She,s on duty (korean) full dvd eng subs w/s

Shu wa legend (w/s sub)

Showdown at the dragon gate (korean) swordplay (rarekungfumovies)

phantom peach snow blossom very rare

silemun teluk gonggo (Indonesian)fantasy film

silent killers (w/s german)

single fighter (w/s dub) raree print

six assassins (celestial)

six devil women (vcd) universe w/s sub

snow plum blossom (li yi min) very rarreee

so ae fighting skin (korean)

solitaire (swordplay)

social characters (raw)

spell of caterpillar

spring game (li yi min) f/s raw

Spy in the palace (w/s subbed)

Strange enemy strange force

Strange fellow (subbed)

Strange skill (swordplay) raree

Strike of the tortured angels (ifd) eng dub

Strong Eastman (f/s) no subs

Successor with a black belt (korean)

Super reverend monk

Suzhou river (artificial eye) Japanese eng subs

Swash buckling fool’s

Sweet vengeance (champ wang) subbed

Sword legend (swordplay)

Sword of emei (vcd) swordplay

Sword of endurance (f/s raw)swordplay

Sword of hate (f/s raw)swordplay

Sword of heaven

Swords of tien shan (vcd b/w)

Swordsman and general (vcd)

Swordsman in royal court (vcd)

Swordsmen of all swordsmen (hoker) w/s subbed


Swordsmith (w/s)subbed

Tales of the flying fox b/w swordplay

Tang shangs 5 brothers (raw)

Taekwondo boys (korean) eng subbed

Taekwondo master strikes back (italian) aka duel of taekwondo

Tattoo w/s german

Tattoo girl (mei-ha) w/s no subs

Temptress of a thousand faces (vcd)

That’s adultery (celestial)

The angel (thai vcd)

The bell tolls in cold mountain temple (vcd)

The black killer (connie chan) b/w

The cannibals w/s sub

The desperadoes vcd

The desperate chase (german print w/s eng dub)

The devil,s messenger (w/s sub)

The digger (simon yam)

The dragon tamers (beauty) no subs w/s

The falcon w/s sub

The female prince (celestial)

The fighting king (eng dub) jp subs

The fugitive (raree swordplay)

The killer (Taiwanese print) 20 mins longer

The killer aka sacred knives of vengeance (vhs transfer) Australian tape

the mAgic lamp (panorama) cathay f/s remastered sub

the obsessed (nora miao) ocean shores dub

the pioneers

The raiders (chen kuan tai)

The rebel (dragon dynasty)

The royal seal (cathay) swordplay

The snowflake sword parts 1,2,3,4 (4 dvds) b/w swordplay

The spirit of the sword (tv series) 8 dvds taiseng subbed

The story of woo vet aka god of killers f/only

The thunderbolt fist (image entertainment)

The virgin mart (ocean shores) dub

The wolf girl (ocean shores)

The young rebel (celestial) coming soon

This god is mine f/s sub

Those were the days (universe)

Tiger hill trail (2 dvds)

Thunderbolt fist ~(image entertainment)

Tiger boxer (raw)

Tiger from river kwai (eng dub w/s greek subbed)

Tiger over the wall (kung fu hd channel) w/s dub

till death do we scare (star) subbed l/box

to hell with the devil (w/s)

Tokugawa buraicho (11 dvd,s tv )

Top team force (ifd) French w/s

Treasured dagger

Travel with sword (cathay) f/s raw connie chan swordplay

Two eagle blood (no subs) w/s

Unbeatable 7 black masters

Undefeated sword

Ungreatful tink

vengeance for sale

Vengeance with blood (jap eng subbed)

visitor q (coming soon)

wanderer in the valley (w/s no subs)

war victims (dutch subbed)

war of the wizards (eng dub)

warrant of assassination (raw)

way ching killed the dragon (swordplay)

war of the dragon tv series 5 dvds no subs

weapons of death (eric lee)

white phantom (vhs transfer) ninja flick

who,s killer

wicked and magic sword (f/s raw) swordplay

wicked telly (swordplay)

widow warriors (mei-ha) w/s sub

wicked wife (ocean shores) dub

witch sword swordplay


women of colour (doris lung) very raree

wonderful kill

wrongly killed girl (w/s)

xia ying shen jian (mainland)

yi yun

you xiu wu da gong fu pain xin leng xie sui san yin (w/s sub)

young and dangerous

young and dangerous 2

young and dangerous 3

young and dangerous 4

young and dangerous 5

young and dangerous Portland street blues

young and dangerous legendary tai fei

young and dangerous prequel

young and old wanderers (subbed)

young flying hero (swordplay) very raree

young suet lau story (universe) subbed

Youth of beast (subbed) full dvd

Young swordsman (1962) Japanese no subs w/s b+w

Zatoichi 13 (hve)

regards houndslow

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