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Bey Logan Audio Commentary List

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Geeezus..... the ten year anniversary of this ol' chestnut. Yeah, I know his name mud now and he has been "exposed" doing all manner of casting couch antics and so forth. But I honestly don't give a shit that he's a giant douche, and I still enjoy listening to his old commentaries. Earlier in this thread, people expressed wishes that he would do comms for the likes of Drunken Master, OUATIC without Mark King and so on. Well, he of course has done just that, plus a few others, all available to buy as DLs from his Reel East site. I don't think they are as good as his old ones, but not bad either. So for those that can separate the "art" from the "artist".... these are the ones he has done so far.

Drunken Master (thought this one was pretty good, though not a whole lot of info I didn't already know)

Drunken Master II (Another good one, maybe my fave of this bunch)

Enter the Dragon (Not the biggest fan of this movie, but it was fine. Can't imagine it will hold much new info for Bruce fans though)

Once Upon a Time in China (Probably my second fave of the bunch, and much more enjoyable without Mark King whining)

Shanghai, Shanghai (Love this movie, the commentary, not so much. Director Teddy Robin Kwan sits in on this one and it is a bit messy and awkward. He should stick to solo efforts)

Raymond Chow Tribute (Really weird format where Bey is prodding some clueless chick to feed him questions that he obviously came up with himself. Truly bizarre, but a few snippets of new info here and there for me personally)


Yep, just thought I would update this decade old thread. Consider it done.

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