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new trades wanted

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hi guys been trading a long time and have a massive collection

looking to trade with new people

if you want a trade p/m or leave a message here

here,s some i have to trade

8 dragon swords

37 plots of kung fu (hoker) f/s no subs

a girl fighter (hoker) W/Ssub

a grand passion (hoker) w/s sub

a heroine in melon shed (MAINLAND) no subs w/s

a lion’s tale (w/s no subs)

a rascal,s tale w/s

Ak 47

Allianced of hung sect

Amazoness in white (japanese) no subs

Army of darkness (mainland) subbed

Bare knuckles

Battle for republic of china (hoker)

Battle in red temple (firefly) w/s

Best and the worst aka black boss (subbed)

Big deal (moon lee) w/s sub

Bionic heroes (eng dub) ifd film is killer elephants this is uncut

Black dream (W/S SUBBED)

Blood legend of xin qi ji

Blood revenge (hoker) w/s sub

Blow back (jAPanese)

Blow back 2 (Japanese)

Brand (hwang jang lee) Korean flk

Brigade blank panther (german) shaws aka drug conection

Brother kim du han and sirasoni

By hook or by crook (joysales new dvd)

Chang zhou jie 2 hao (mainland)

Charisma (subbed)

Chief of red flower society

Child of peach (subbed)

China armed escort (w/s subbed) better print

Chinese paladin tv series home made

Chor lau hung (hoker) no subs (swordplay fantasy)

Chiung ying (no subs)

Countryside hero (w/s subbed)

crazy safari (w/s subbed)

Crazy stone (coming soon)

Crimes are to be paid (w/s no subs)

Crime city cops (no subs)

Curry and pepper (vcd)

Death raiders (ramon Zamora) eng dub

Death warrior (Turkish)

Der gelbe gorilla (aka bruce and shaolin kung fu) german print eng dub w/s

Die todliche macht der alderkralle aka kung u vs yoga w/s dub

Don’t kill me brother (sub)

Double crosser (trash-online dvd)

Dry wood ,fierce fire vcd

Duel with the devils (ocean shores w/s dub)

Exposed to danger (pixelled)

Female ninjas (japanese)

Female ninjas 2 (coming soon)

Female ninjas 3 (japanese)

Female nio ninjas (coming soon)


Fight for honour (mainland) no subs

Fight for solstice (mainland) no subs

File of heroes (thai)

final victory (coming soon)

fists fangs and film (venoms documentary)

fly dragon mountain (hoker) w/s subbed (swordplay)

final victory (coming soon)

fists fangs and film (venoms documentary)

fly dragon mountain (hoker) w/s subbed (swordplay)

for bad boys only (coming soon)

framed flk dub

fury in a storm

generation consultation (thai)

ghost hill (hoker) swordplay

girl with the diamond slipper (vcd transfer)

golden cup and wandering dragon

golden gambler

golden ninja warrior (ifd) Japanese vhs print w/s dub

golden sabre (raree swordplay)

godly beggar

goofy gang (w/s subbed)

great hero aka magnum fist flk w/s sub

great white lotus

haruschi das bulke scharwtz der racht aka the desperate chase

he is my enemy,partner and my father in law (coming soon)

hero behind enemy lines (coming soon)

heroic love and passion vcd

heroine lu (hkvideo)

hung gar story (coming soon)

I,ll get you one day

Impossible mission (shaw brothers) subbed

Invincible from hell ifd w/s

Iron petticoat (hoker) w/s subbed (swordplay)

Invasion (ifd) german

Invincible showdown (eyecatcher movies) german print (mandarin and german dub)eng sub

Invincible sword (joysales) legendary collection

Jade in red dust (2 dvds) b/white swordplay

Jail of no return (vhs copy)

Kanei command performance (jap/eng subs) yashuaki kurata

Kille devil (w/s sub)

Killer sword (w/s no subs)

King of sword (w/s no subs)

Knights of the dragon fortress (flk) w/s

Kua guo jie sha (vcd)

Kung fu vs acrobat

Lantern festival (subbed)

Last challenge of the dragon dub

Last duel flk

Last fist of fury (uncut) from jamal

Laughing times (joysales)

Law or justice (shaw brothers)

Legend of chu lin hsiang

Legend of dailing mountains (w/s) no subs (mainland)

Legend of the broken sword (hoker) w/s no subs

Legend of the cutter (koean ) full dvd eng subbed

Legend of the owl (joysales legendary collection)

Legend of white snake (coming soon)

Lethal extortion (godfrey-ho)

Lewd lizard w/s subbed

Li lian jie,s shaolin kung fu (mei-ha)

Lifeline (shaws)

Life under foreign invasion

Lin Hsiao liu (unknown movie) w/s no sub maybe hello Dracula part 2,3,4

Little lady warrior flk

Lost souls (celestial)

Love to kill (coming soon)

Lunatic frog woman aka virgin commandoes

Ma zu chen takes revenge

magic blade (siren version) eng dub

Magic blade (tv series fights only) 1 dvd

Magic kid (flk) w/s sub

Magic legs (w/s)no subs

Magic palm

Magnificent 72 (swordplay)

Man from Vietnam (w/s)raw

Matchless paired swords (shik kien connie chan) b/w swordplay

Mighty couple (raree swordplay)

Mismatched couples (vcd transfer)

thats just some of the thousands i have

anyone got any of these

deadly assault

the viper

revenge in fury

gallantry king

1000 years wolf

black dragon river

cute aloha vampire

angry grimmace of tiger

crisis (cathay)

challenge (cathay)

escape to coral cove

need these quite badly

but im always looking for more stuff especailly korean kung fu from 70,s

regards houndslow

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