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HONG KONG 2010 trip

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Yeah, I'll post that soon. I can check the characters.


This is Chang Cheh...there's a typo.

Nice catch J! Didn't even think of comparing the characters.

That sucks they misspelled the English letters.

Plus its too bad they don't have any hand prints (like Bruce's star).

Oh well, at least he is there....

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Thanks Teako for linking this thread (from the Fu Sheng thread) and having me (us) revisit it. I just finish looking at some of the pics I took and will post a few after I resize.

Me & the wife are planning a trip, 2 - 3 years from now and plan to visit the sites that I didn't get a chance to go to (I visited HK 4 last year - 1 was a few days visit & other 3 were a few hours stopover which was mainly for food, shopping, etc,).

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Thanks for posting the pics. I was there myself over the summer on the way to Vietnam. I'll have to look see if we got any post worthy pictures.

Did you notice a lot of action movie style billboards featuring surprisingly unaction looking (but still glammed up, attractive) "stars". My Mandarin reading domesticated partner explained to me that those were actually ads from educational (like Kaplan test prep here) services. Those action stars are tutors! Blows my mind. :tongue:

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Thanks for the additional pix, thekfc. Hard to believe its been nearly two years since our trip.

I had forgotten some details until re-reading some of the posts. What a great time we all had.

The other month, I was watching Murderer Pursues (1981) (not a great film but Wong Ching was very good) and they had shot a scene at Statue Square - which looked very familiar. I had to rewind a few times until I realized we had been there but at the opposite end. If I had seen the film prior, I would have sought out the exact spot and got some photos. Oh well, maybe next time....

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