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silver hermit

looking for these chan wai man films

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any help i would be grateful for

Love and Blood (1972)

Angry Tiger (1973)

Devil and Angel (1973)

Adventure in Denmark (1973)

Back Street (1973)

Challenge of the Dragon (1974)

Martial Arts (1974)

The Escaped Convict (1974)

The Owl (1974)

The Concrete Jungle (1974)

Female Fugitive (1975)

Tiger Force (1975)

Lonely Killer (1975)

Temperament of Life (1975)

Jumping Ash (1976)

Bruce's Deadly Fingers (1976)

The Big Boss Part 2 (1976)

Secret of Kowloon Town (1977)

The Chase (1977)

The Kung Fu Kid (1977)

Godfather's Fury (1978)

For Whom to Be Murdered (1978)

Black Society (1978)

Bruce Li - The Invincible (1978

The Delivery (1978)

The Handcuff (1979)

Beauty Escort (1981)

The Legal Illegal (1981)

The Cold Blooded Murder (1981)

Crimson Street (1982)

Winner Takes All (1982)

Diamond Fight (1982)

My Darling, My Goddess (1982)

Outlaw Genes (1982)

Mission Thunderbolt (1982)

The Body Is Willing (1983)

Precious Adolescence (1983)

Prince Charming (1984) ... Yu Ren Da

The Express (1984)

Profile in Anger (1984) ... Killer

I Love Lolanto (1984) ... Yu Ren Da

Kung Hei Fat Choy (1985) ... Ah Man

Carry on Doctors and Nurses (1985

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