Some call him cutie-pie ... and others, "the student" but Chiang Sheng will always be one of the boys - a Venom, true and through. This Tuesday, August 18th, will mark his 17th death anniversary. Thought it would be nice to start up some dialogue about the actor / the man. Most know him as the opera kid who trained with Kuo Choi and Lu Feng but I got some bits about: His wedding/wife, Chang Cheh's reaction to his passing, and other tidbits that you can only find here ... WKFF! Your super-station for the kung fu aficionado OK, let's get the ball rolling (the best way teako knows) .... with some pix: Always loved this pic with the trio and V-boy backups From Southern Screen - does anyone on this board READ Chinese?? Calendar photo from 1981 Props to Kioko (aka VenomsFan) for these pix. A very young "student"