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For those unaware, the launch of 36STYLES.COM is coming next week! This means we will be moving the forum to its new home. The new link to the forum will be https://www.36styles.com/kungfufandom ... bookmark it now!

The site as a whole, including the forum, will be down on Monday, March 2. To minimize the forum downtime, I plan on bringing the forum back online, even before implementing the new features, as setting these up will probably take some time. I will send out an email to all registered members once the forum is back up. 

Some exciting times are ahead for KUNG FU FANDOM!


What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

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10 minutes ago, Kung Pow Mike said:


 Dragon fighter(John Liu). Now I don’t know much about this film..anyone seen it or is it any Good?

Imo it`s very good tho not action packed...Lots of time Liu gets to strenghen his legs(sorry for spoiler but you would notice it soon anyway)...but nice foot action in the end and drama works in this hard labour camp movie well...

I do not own movie anymore but will get forthcoming german release.

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15 hours ago, kingofkungfu2002 said:

Mine shipped yesterday from WOW HD. Just wondering, is this region free? 


It's a R1 release for now @kingofkungfu2002 but when I contacted Michael Worth about this. He also said he's going to be talking to Pearl River regarding the subject.

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Old Blockbuster nastolgia, definitely remember the night of renting My Bloody Valentine with a friend, just watched the original for the first time it will be nice to revisit the remake. I dont even particularly want to see this Donnie yen flick, but with that blockbuster trim around the cover-art, how could I pass it up?


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5 hours ago, Secret Executioner said:

@De Ming Li I think our friend and Japanese cinema specialist @Takuma would have something to say about this latest purchase of yours 😛 

Graduation Photo is actually surprisingly watchable. The script is by Haruhiko Arai, my favourite screenwriter of all time, and though obviously not his best work it still has a bite. Yoshihiro Kawasaki was a B-director, but he occasionally had a breezier, more energetic touch than most other late Nikkatsu directors, and this one one of those films.

Sins of Sister Lucia was a complete bore IMO.

It's a shame that US distributors are almost exclusively releasing standard sex flicks from the Roman Porno catalogue even though there are also real gems and cinematic masterpieces. It's as if the horror genre was covered by releasing nothing but Friday the 13th sequels, Sharknado films and Halloween flicks films while completely ignoring the films of Argento, Polanski and Cronenberg.

From my Top 30 Roman Porno films only 3 have been released in the US.

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