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Roll Call: Please post your info (new & old members)

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Greetings and Salutations.




Fan Since-I watched Wheels On Meals sometime in the late 80's.

Favorite Actor-At the moment Donnie Yen (due to me watching a lot of his movies at present :wink:)

Favorite Modern Film-The aforementioned Wheels On Meals.

Favorite Classic Film-5 Deadly Venoms.

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User ID: Chinese Sausage

Real name: Ed

Location: Mexico

Age: 37

How long a member at KFF/ KFC: Since 2003 (?) at the old forum. Not sure

How long you've been a fan of these films: Since childhood

Whatever else you wish to add (other interests, etc.): Music (mostly classic rock), drama flicks.

Favorite KF Modern Film: Kiss Of The Dragon

Favorite KF Classic Film: The Big Boss

It's been a long time since I've visited here. I am glad to see you again. :)

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Name: John

Film that got me into KF: The Young Master at age 12

Favorite KF film: Ninja in the Dragon's Den (well, a favorite anyway)

Favorite fighter: Whang In-Shik

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Who: Lantern Jaw, freelance illustrator from Manchester UK.

Age: 32

Collecting since: 1995

First movie bought: Police Story 2

First kung-fu movie watched: When Taekwondo Strikes (well there was Enter The Dragon before that but who's counting?)

I've been a forum member on podcastonfire for a few years and thought I'd give this a try.

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I am new to both this forum and the genre itself! Martial Arts films first caught my attention with Jet Li's Fearless several years back yet I never ended up watching many more. Then at the beginning of this year, my roommates mother randomly bought him a copy of Fist of Legend. We decided to turn it into a drinking game, drink every time some is knocked over. Terribly awesome idea. Since then I have watched many more movies. What started as a drinking game has turned into a new passion :xd:. I am now currently working with several others I have met at school to form our own martial arts film review site to provide fans with another source for information.

I live in the US and am enrolled in a local university. I get my DVD's from Amazon, local shops, etc.

Age: 20

Favorite martial artists: Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Tony Jaa

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Eh .. That was sort of a bummer, just realized I posted here & DID NOT answer the thread question at all ( ! Sorry ,Hehe I am not trying to be a rude villainess again ...)

So here goes :

Real Name : Tatjana

Country : From Norway , but live in US now , Midwest

Collection : Somewhere over 2000 ( 2400- 2500) DVDs

Education : Genetics, & now finishing up a Asian studies Degree ( Japanese ,Mandarin,Cantonese + Asian culture /history )

Work : Paramedic, Vet tech , dance instructor ( all PART TIME lol obviously )

Arts/Sports : Tai Chi , Bushidokan,running ,

Dance : Chinese Sleeve. Indie Temple/Bollywood & Sword dance .

How got into MA movies : Dad big fan , ( & serious collector of (Shaw ) STILLS ),

I probably got 500 movies as gifts through the years( before he passed away ) from my dad.

Favorite Movie : To many to name here, BUT big faves are Shaw & Old school, & I LOVE SWORD movies through & through !!! ;)

Favorite Actors: Again to many to name , but some are Jet Li , Chen Kuan Tai , Carter Wong, Chi Kuan Chun , Tony Ja , Fu Sheng, Meng fei, Sammo ;),Yun Biao, Dragon Lee, HJL , John Lui, etc...etc..

Also a MAJOR passion of mine is collecting SWORDS!

But passion # 1. I Rescuing Animals ;) ,So please always practice COMPASSION to all beings including animals !!

Thank You & best to all , Athena ..;)

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Following the sketch of Athena:

Real Name: Alexandra

Country: Argentina

City: Buenos Aires

Age: 46

Collection: Here is difficult to get movies because there are not market for Asian Cinema, so my collection is very poor.

Favorites: Don't ask me that. Is hard.

Education: Actress. Then I was crazy and graduated in Orientalism (School of Oriental Studies, with double spezialization, Ancient Near East and Ancient China and Corea). Then I was crazy again and obtained a Master in Sociology (spezialized in ritual masking in the Ancient World) and Superior Courses in Conservation and Restoration in Art.

Work: National Museum of Oriental Art, National Institute of Anthropology, and others museums with asian and african art collections. I work too when is necesary with the Aeronautical Police and the Team for Preventing the Illicit Traffic of Art Pieces, as expert qualified in classification, legal seizure and restoring to the original place the stolen pieces.

Art/Sport: when I was young I practiced Shaolin (Southern Branch) several years, weapons included. And for years I learned classical and modern ballet. I obtained a private (not national) diplom of "Choreographer". Now I am into Tai Ji Quan with weapons too (I have fascination for weapons).

Dance: I love the dance as art expression. Is part of my life.

Music: Classic, Opera, Tango, Dance/Electronic, Symphonic Rock, Swing...

How I got into Martial Arts Cinema: In Buenos Aires, when I was young, I use to go to an popular street in downtonwn with little cinemas, and in these places were showing all the time Bruce Lee's movies, of course I "flashed". Years passed by, and Jackie Chan turned in the most popular asian actor in my country, with Jet Li. Since 2000 (I guess) a television broadcast here bought the rights of SB movies, and accidentally, two years ago, I discovered the "dream machine".


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Hey everyone! New to the site and just wanted to stop by and say hello. Always been a fan of martial arts films and my obsession with them just keeps on growing. Never knew a site like this existed (never thought to look for that matter) Hope you all will except me and I will love to be a part of this forum.

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Hey all!

I currently reside in Los Angeles and have been an avid collector since the early 90's.

Favorite flicks:

Two On the Road (Fearless Dragons)

36th Chamber of Shaolin

Executioners from Shaolin

The Victim

Prodigal Son

Favorite Actors:

Liu Chia-Hui

Ti Lung

Lau Kar Yan

Kao Fei

Favorite Choreographer:

Liu Chia Liang

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I live in St. Louis, MO and have been collecting since the late 1980s (after I started studying Chinese martial arts). A few years ago I got rid of all of my VHS tapes (over 400 martial arts movies alone) and swore not to amass a large collection again. I have about 100 or so DVDs and the number is slowly going up. I soft spot for early 1990s stuff because I got to see most of the big Hong Kong releases on the big screen...

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User ID: ShaOW!linDude

Name: Scott

Loc: Birmingham, Alabama

Age: 45

How long @ KFC: As a member, just a month or so, but I've been reading this site for 3 or so years.

How long a MA fan: 42 yrs. When I was 2 or 3, I watched the original 'Green Hornet' TV show with Bruce Lee as Kato. (My dad says I called it the Green Ho-Ho.) Didn't get hardcore into it until my preteens when I saw my first MA movies and my passion exploded.

Additional info: Studied Tai Chi, Chi Gung, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu for about 8 years during my 30's. I still got some moves. You never forget that stuff. I learned enough to pose a threat to myself as well as everyone else. Look out!

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Name - Terry

Age - 48

Location - UK

Remember going to see Bruce Lee and Bruce Li movies as a teen, then when video came along I watched as much kung fu as I could.

Highlights include meeting Jet Li in the 90s and HK movie festivals at the now defunct Scala cinema in London.

Studied Wing Chun and 7 Star praying Mantis.

Some of my fave movies include

5 Venoms


Beach Of the War Gods

Bruce Lee flicks

Fist Of Legend

And too many more to list.

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I know this thread is 5 years old but here goes:

Name: Louis

Age: 32

City: Tampa, FL, U.S.A.

Ive been watching Kung Fu since the late 80's. Started with watching Bruce Lee on VHS then in 2002 I got into it hardcore. I started buying Jet Li and Jackie Chan's movies, then got into Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest and the Independent Taiwanese Martial Arts films. I own several thousand DVD's but I just now started to try and collect rare films from FLK and Jamal as well. I bought alot of the Celestial Remasters and am only missing a couple of their Kung Fu/Wuxia releases.

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I'm 43, live in Kentucky, name is Tim.

I'm a movie hoarder, but I've been a genre film fan since I can remember. I love Euro horror, Paul Naschy, Hammer, cannibal, and Kaiju, Godzilla, Ultraman, Spaghetti Westerns, Italo crime/police action, giallos, and sci-fi, classic American horror, Karloff, etc., and of course Asian films, Pinky, Yakuza, Samurai, Zatoichi, and martial arts, I love classic Jackie Chan, Shaw films, Sonny Chiba. And I love campy films(HG Lewis), I love Tomas Tang, Joseph Lai, Godfrey Ho films, especially their Ninja films, I enjoy those a lot.

I also am a music fan, into metal, underground style, Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sodom, etc., and punk like Discharge, The Exploited. I also play metal music instruments, and have a band called ASTRUM, we have a few releases, with a new CD on the way, http://www.myspace.com/themightyastrum and some clips on youtube under user ASTRUM502. I also like like classic what I call art rock, like Bowie, Eno, I like Kraftwerk, Ultravox(Foxx era), Devo, and Gary Numan.

I could write more, I guess that's enough.

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

My name is Hamish, I'm 22 and I've been a martial arts fan for as long as I can remember, although I only recently started collecting DVDs from all over. My favourites are all the really obvious ones, stuff like:

Dragons Forever

8 Diagram Pole Fighter


Way of the Dragon

Ip Man

Magnificent Butcher

Fong Sai Yuk

The Street Fighter

Reads like MA 101 I know but I do love these movies dearly. I mostly collect my movies from Amazon, but if I see a movie in the shops on the cheap I'll usually treat myself. I'm currently waiting for True Legend and Little Big Soldier to fall in price a bit before picking them up.

My absolute favourite martial artists tend to be the superkickers like Hwang Jang Lee, Whang Ing-Sik, Ken Lo and Billy Chow, although I think Benny the Jet is also fucking awesome.

I'm also a big anime and manga fan, particularly the action side of things. Stuff like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hajime No Ippo, Fist of the North Star and Hunter X Hunter.

Of course I love my American movies too, all the obvious action films as well as the works of David Cronenberg and John Carpenter (as you can see from my avatar Kurt Russell is my favourite actor).

I'm kind of a general purpose nerd and I love all the usual stuff really. My favourite superhero is Batman, and I like the more physical heroes like Cap and Daredevil and I tend to avoid all the cosmic stuff.


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my name is Mike from the UK.

Got into Jackie Chan in the 1980's on VHS (Rank and Imperial labels).

Lapsed a bit until an encounter with a guy in 1990 or so in a restaurant who overheard me talking about Jackie Chan etc. He ran sunday film shows at a martial arts gym on John Street Birmingham, UK.

Bought a few vhs of him and saw some great unseen (at that time) fight scenes and heard about a new guy called Donnie Yen). Found out the guy's name was Bey Logan. Bought a few VHS Made in Hong Kong tiltes in the 90's then git married, had kids etc. Lapsed again til '99 and got a dvd player. Since then been collectiing dvds and have only a small kf dvd collection of about 220. So a beginner compared with most on here.

Was a big JC fan until I saw most of the GH films by Samo. Guys a genius. Then I got into shaw bros and my fave Lau Kar Leung. I took up kung fu in 2004 after watching "Challenge Of The Masters". I am very proud of the fact that i took kung fu up NOT because of Bruce Lee.

Get my movies from - Play.com, amazon, hkflix, ebay and DDDhouse.

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Name - Manveer

Age - 19

Location - UK

been watching martial art films since i was like 8, only recently started buying Dvds , my favourite martial arts films gotta be Dragons Forver, Enter the Dragon , Police Story , In the line of duty 4 , Ip man and Fist of legend.

Get my films from HMV , Play.com and ebay.

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Name : TheFlyingPanda AKA Rajo

Age: 32

Location: US

Occupation: Illustrator / graphic arts

Why am I a Martial Arts fanatic?:

My father enrolled me in Shotokan Karate at age 5 and from then on I was hooked!

Collection: I've watch Kung Fu movies as far as I can remember, started with VHS around 1989 then moved into DVD around 1999. I have 600 DVD's in My collection, around 400 are Martial arts movies and 80 are Westerns.

Were: I shop mostly online at Amazon US, UK, and JP, at Sensasian, Buyyoyo, Deepdiscount DVD, Play.com and Chinatown New York (Near the Buddhist temple) and on Mott st.

Favorite style: No Style.

Favorite Martial Artists/ Actors: Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Kara Hui, Liu Chia-Liang and Gordan Lui.

Favorite Movie: Hard to say, but Fist of Fury still gives me goosebumps.

Glad I'm not the only obsessed fanatic in the world. :xd:

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My name's Kenny and I live in Cherry Hill, NJ. I'm a big fan of horror and exploitation films and I'm just beginning to discover this genre. Have to admit its kind of exciting. I'm constantly exposing friends to Eurotrash/horror/cult flicks and the likes that blow their minds and its been a really long time since I've actually unearthed an underground gem myself. Getting to discover a whole genre from scratch is fun as hell to say the least.

I'm an engineering contractor as well as a writer for Horrorhound Magazine. And I'm a burgeoning convention promoter as well.

Pretty much buy all my stuff from Amazon, Amazon UK, or sites like DiabolikDVD.

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I have often visited this site and forum for years now and always wanted to sign up but I was too shy, until now. As this is my first post on this site I just wanted to say hello. My name is Daniel and I am from the UK, I am a huge Jim Henson Muppets fan. I also am a big fan of classic cartoons and comedy.

I got into Kung Fu films after seeing "ETD" on BBC's Kung Fu night then shortly after that Channel 4’s Kung Fu movies season (Just Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films!) and thought they were pretty cool, but it was in August 1999 when Channel 4 showed Jackie Chan films again and I really got in to kung fu films big time and started to look at other people other than Lee and Chan and then started to collect them.

I hope I will fit in on this forum, and that this is the first of many posts!

See you around guys :smile:

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Name Andy.

Age 27

Im a fan of of Hong Kong Movies for so long since i was seven years old. My main idol is Jackie Chan who inspired me to not give up trainning in Martial Arts in my first year. I had been looking at the forums since last year only finally i had the courage to finally sign up here and i must say i enjoy it here better than the Jet Li forums due to the fact i enjoy being around more mature people here, i hope to keep meeting some amazing people here.

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I used to post pretty regular on Kung Fu Fandom Ezboard back when celestial first started release Shaws. Been Reading posts here for years. I really miss Linn's championing these movies.

Name : James

Location: Tampa, Fl

Age: 38

Started watching Kung Fu movies around 1981 in Jamestown NY on channel 5. Favorite KF movie then 5 Shaolin Masters now Delightful Forest.

Favorite actors in Kung Fu movies:

Ti Lung


Yuen Biao

Fu Sheng

Leung Kar Yan

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I used to post on the Kung Fu Fandom board WAAAAAYYY back when. I remember when it switched over to here, but I lost track of the board for years since then.

I'm really an old school fu head, though back in the day I wasn't too big into (non-Venom) Shaws. Of course, that has since changed.

I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan (as most could tell by the username), but I am not a Bruce Lee fanboy. I can't and won't think that everything that has the man's name on it as some sort of religious relic. Hell, some of the stuff coming out recently (*cough* Legend of Bruce Lee *cough*) is rather awful. Though I did enjoy Bruce Lee, My Brother.

I would say I'm big into Bruceploitation, but I guess I'm really just more of a Bruce Li (Ho Chung Dao) fan than anything. Dragon Lee is alright in small doses I suppose.

Other genres I really dig are spaghetti westerns, yakuza movies, samurai films and tv series (Shinsengumi! is an amazing show!), good old fashioned American action flicks, most films that "film snobs" enjoy (though I do have contrary opinions about quite a few films that are considered "classics"), oh and every once and a while blaxploitation films (maybe a bit more so since I saw Black Dynamite, a year and a half before everyone else I knew did).

But yeah, I eagerly hope that you will all shower me with your friendliness. Wait, that didn't sound right...

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i normally do not join in on roll calls ,.. but since you are a vet here, i'll sound off.

i'm Dajizzarizza which simply means The Joker has arisen

been trading since 96 , just got into my old love (Shaw Bros.) since i came here (whenever the shaw remastered dvds started selling is the length of time i have been a member 2005 ? i switched over here 2007 or 2006.

i buy from anywhere there are new things,.. i'm into japanese / korean films of late.

i stoped trading.

but have a very few favorite traders i still trade with here and there.

i love kfc!!! ,.. not the chicken, the forum :tongue:

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