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Blacky Ko

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I thought that this actor should have his own topic since I really discovered him in Shaolin ex monk and Boxer's adventure.

Looking at  his filmography on hkmdb, I discovered that he sadly passed away in 2003 at just 50 years old, what a pity.

He seems to have played in a lot of movies I already watched, but I was so focused on my other favourite actors/actresses, that I didn't notice him, shame on me !

I think that from now on, I'll pay more attention to spot him in my future viewings of movies in which he played.

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Thanks for sharing!

I bought Red Phoenix years ago because of David Chiang and Shan Kuan Ling Fung and I'm ashamed to confess that I haven't watched it as yet!

Now that I know that Blacky Ko is also in it, I'm in a hurry to finally watched it !!

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