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Brandon Gaines - Star of "Superfights" (Appreciation Thread)

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Brandon Gaines will be perhaps best known for his only major film role, that of "The All-American" Jack Cody in 1995's Seasonal Films' Superfights. Rabbi Gaines was born in 1975 in Los Angeles, where at the age of six, he began training in martial arts. He earned his 1st black belt at the age of 10 and is currently a 3rd degree black belt in Korean-American Tang Soo Do, 2nd degree black belt in Ninjutsu, and mastery of 19 years in Kung Fu Northern Shaolin Long Fist.

Gaines got his first role at the age of 14 with a small role as the dorky friend of a bully on an episode of the 1989 series McGee and Me. I tracked the episode down and found him in his acting debut. Three years later, he starred in a video entitled Karate for Kids

In 1994, he appeared on an episode of Saban's VR Troopers entitled "The Virtual Spy". He played that of the titular character, a VR monster who disguised himself as Jeremy, a young man who infiltrates Ryan Steele's martial arts school and eventually, the command center of the VR Troopers.

Then came the big one...signing with an agent, Gaines got his one and only major film role in Superfights in the role of Jack Cody, a self-taught martial artist who lives the dream of becoming a Superfighter who learns his dream is set to become a nightmare. 


These days, Rabbi Gaines is the founder of the Da'Ati Foundation, based in Los Angeles. https://daatifoundation.org/



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