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Burning Paradise remastered?

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I watch this movie last night on Star Chinese Movies channel.

It was broadcast in HD (looks like a legit HD) and it is a definite upgrade from all the other versions I have seen.

It was broadcast with Chinese subs and the gore/violence like when Wong Kam-Kong ripped the head off one of the ladies & holding it in his hands is still there. I may have missed some parts of the broadcast as I was doing other stuff so I am not sure what version it was (uncut or HK Cat-II). 

Not sure if it was remastered or they found a good print but it would be nice if the version I saw last night was release on physical media.


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If you have access to Cinemageddon, dozens of classic Hong Kong movies newly remastered in HD were uploaded last year, most of them without English subs. 

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Working on customs of those now,

Cheetah on Fire

Widow Warriors

Slickers VS Killers

Touch and Go

Go For Gold

Madam City Hunter 

Some of these I am doing with a friend, but they are on the way. Just got subs for Widow warriors, need to correct. Almost done with Touch and Go.


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