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We are several fans of this actor here, and, if I'm not mistaken, it seems to me that there isn't a single thread devoted to him, so, I decided to create one.

I just took a look at his filmography and saw that a lot of titles have been added to it since my last visit...

376 movies !! And a large part of them are Shaws' ones, with a very few of Cathay ones too.

What a prolific actor !

And the series aren't mentioned on hkmdb, though he did some at ATV and maybe Morris Weinberg ones too.

Hkcinemagic lists some TVB series too...

Share your views on him here, please !

I think that he deserves his own thread...

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I adore Ku Feng, what a great actor. He definitely deserves his own thread!

The best dramatic role I've seen him in is as Wu Song's brother in TIGER KILLER, amazing performance. I really hated his guts in NEW ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN or AVENGING EAGLE. The way his eyes seem to sparkle with pure evilness, wonderful. He just turned 89 years old. Long live Ku Feng!




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If I'm not mistaken (too many movies in my memories !!), he was also very touching in Heroes shed no tears...

And he paired very well with Wang Lai in Ripples (still if I'm not mistaken) and in Judgement of an assassin.

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Here is what Ku Feng says :

There was no way that I could let the other stars Ti Lung and David Chiang  dominate me.

And on the other side, they wanted to win the game towards an old man like me in order to avoid loosing face.

So, Liu Shifu (Liu Chia Liang, I guess) told us : " Guys, you are going to fight for real ! " Hence, we began to be frightened because we were needed to fight for real.

After a day of unending shots, we were all wounded and we all had the same thoughts : ready to die on the movie shot.

Here are my wounds on the movies shots, even when not fighting for real, so, imagine when the fights were for real !

We were asked if we were ok, and of course, we answered  " ok " !

This is not translated in French, but he ends saying that the director (I guess) said : " so, let's go on " !


I hope that my English translation is good enough. BigRogie can correct me if I made mistakes...


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23 hours ago, ShawAngela said:

And by the way, thank you very much for sharing this clip !


20 hours ago, Chu Liu Hsiang said:

Oh what a true gem you found @DragonClaws, thanks for sharing! And thank you a lot @ShawAngela for the translation! Now knowing this, I have to rewatch the movie soon :) 


No problem, I'll keep an eye out for any other Ku Feng material while online.

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