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Tiger on the Beat (Hong Kong, 1988)

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Tiger on the Beat (Hong Kong, 1988) dvd 4/5

Chow Yun Fat stars in this HK classic as a lazy cop teamed up with pumped up do-gooder cop Conan Lee.  Obviously inspired by the American Buddy Cop movies of the same decade, it even straight out lifts a gag from one of my favorite U.S. movies from the genre, 1986’s Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines, with the ‘pants’ bit.

Nina Li (Jet Li’s real life wife) is sexy as hell throughout, but the scene where Chow Yun Fat beats her up, still makes me cringe. (It’s just a movie I remind myself).

It’s pretty non-stop entertainment from start to finish - the comedy isn’t too over done - and the action and fighting is top notch. Conan Lee and Gordon Liu, of course, contribute the most martial arts, but there’s a bunch of well known extras that contribute, and even Ti Lung has a scene where he gets to square off with Conan Lee. The finale is amazing and by the time you get to the legendary chainsaw fight between Conan Lee and Gordon Liu, you know you’re watching the type of movie you wished they still made in Hong Kong.


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