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Miss, Please Be Patient (1985) - Remastered Print Unearthed

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I managed to steal a remastered print of Miss Please Be Patient with Kim Tai Jung from a Korean VOD site (BFlix.kr) by taking advantage of a limited free access period for their movies, which usually would be impossible outside of Korea. It's not perfect, as it is only 480p and it is in 4:3 but it's the remastered version which Kim Tai Jung intended to release before sadly passing away. It is properly remastered and appears to be a relatively recent transfer of a 35mm print (which was likely mastered at 4:3 as it is the standard used in Korean cinemas, it wouldn't surprise me if the original ratio version is long lost along with the original negatives). I'm a little burned out from other projects, but if anyone wants to time the subs on the print from the Houndslow Team DVD, we could do a joint custom on it. I know that a lot of people have been dying to see a copy of this rare classic from the late Tower of Death guy.

Miss Please Be Patient.mov.jpg
















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7 hours ago, bruceleeclones said:

Looks good, I wouldn't mind working on this

I can send you a copy to work on if you want. I've already run it through a deblocking filter and corrected the ratio, so all that it really wants is to have subtitles written for it.

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