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Re-Birth of The Dragon: Post Millennium Bruceploitation Actor's

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Re-Birth of The Dragon: Post Millenium Bruceploitation Actor's


While the Bruceploitation genre is unlikley to ever reach the manic heights it did in the late 1970's. Here are handful of actors, who have brought Bruce Lee back to life on both the big and small screen's. From the last nineteen year's. If you can name a talent who hasn't been listed, feel free to post any suggestions.

There's has been an increased number of actors, portraying the late Martial Arts screen legend. From just the past decade alone. Most recently with Andrew Koji, in the Justin Linns directed Warrior series, Mike Moh in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and Phillip Ng in Birth of The Dragon. Not forgetting Kwok Kwan-Chan, who has starred in The Legend of BL(2008) T.V series, with cemeos in the last installment of the Ip Man film series. He's also set to star in the latest Ip Man installment this year, with a larger role it?.

If Justin Linn's comments about Shannon Lee having files and files of her fathers idea's & un-made Film/T.V scripts, are ture. Then it looks like there will be many more actors, stepping into the famous Martial Artist's shoes. I didnt want to list actors who portrayed similar roles in the any Dr Z flicks out there, I think those actors are worthy of a whole article, of their own.



Jay Chou - Taiwanese born actor, singer, song writer, film producer and director. He got the chance to bring a character closely associated with the Little Dragon T.V career, Kato, from The Green Hornet comic's/radio series. The actor made his Hollywood debut, playing Kato, in the 2001 big creen adaptation of The Green Hornet(1966).


Kato(Jay Chou) get to grips with some criminals.





Andrew Koji- The English actor with Japanese heritage,has been cast in the BL role, for Justin Linn's HBO/Cine-Max, Warrior series. Set for a release in the not so distant future. Koji will be channeling the little dragon, for some small screen Kung Fu adventures, set in the old West.


A stranger in a foriegn land, Ah Sahm(Andrew Koji) arrives in the land of oppertunity.





Mike Moh- It's not quite clear how big Moh role in Quentin Taratinos, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is?. Nor how his already both controversial and ficitional fight, with Brad Pitt's stuntman character Cliff Booth, ends. This Hollywood fantasy film, shouldnt be taken too seriously. However, I'm sure the Moh role will be much talked about in the coming months by fan's. The American born actor/Martial Artist, is also a 5th degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo. Making the veteran actor more than qualified to become a future screen action star. Moh made his debut in the 2006 Jackie Chan prouction Robin B Hood.


"My hands are registered as lethal weapons"





Phillip Ng- Hong Kong actor/Martial Artist Ng, is probably  the most qualified Martial Artist, featured in this brief article?. He starred in the recent Birth of The Dragon movie, a big screen re-telling of Bruce Lee's early years in America, and his fight with Wong Jack Man.



Trained in Ving Tsun Kung Fu under the late Sifu Wong Shun-Leung. Philip is also a 6th generation disciple of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, training from his father, Sam Ng. Philip is also a trained expert in Hung Gar Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jiujitsu, and Escrima. He is also an accomplished fight choreographer, having worked some films in addition to acting. - IMDB


Phillip Ng takes flight, in the finale of Birth of The Dragon(2016)





Aarif Rahman- Starred in the The Young Bruce Lee(2010), a film based on the Little Dragons early year's in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong born actor, studied physcis for three years, at the London imperial college. Before he embarked on a career in acting. Martial Art movie fans can also spot him in Stalnly Tong's Kung Fu Yoga(2017). He's set to appear in the 2019 T.V series Princess Silver, alongside Chao Zing and Sofie Zhang.


Twin Dragon's, Aarif Rahman as the young Bruce Lee.





Danny Kwok-Chan- Of all the performers listed so far, Danny has perhaps played BL the most?. With a cameo in the third installment of Donnie Yen Ip an big screen series. Chan was also cast in the role of BL, for the hit Chinese series, Legend of Bruce Lee(2010). Then he lent his skills to the fan dividing Johnnie Walked whisky advert, that brought Mr Lee back to life, with the use of CGI. He's latest portrayal of the fiery screen legend, will be in this year's Ip Man 4.


Danny Kwok-Chan, show he's got the moves, in Ip Man 3.





Dragon Sek Ting-Lung- In the early noutghties, Dragon Sek was cast in a number of BL exploitation style films. The head of the Bejing Jeet Kuen Do Federation, was certainly qualified for this kind of role. Lung appeared in a series of low-budet features, exploitatig the BL image, Dragon The Master(2001), Dragon in Fury(2004), Phoneix from Shaolin(2005) and Dragon The Master 2(2002).


Dragon Sek's 1998 movie debut, Return of The Dragon.





Abbas Alizada(Abb Li) - One of the newest names in this article, is currently filming the Little Dragon inspired, He Is Back. Known as the Afghan BL, Alizada gained attention on social media sites. Where he has since build up a arge following.


David VS Goliath, Alizada chops down his opponent, in a scene from He Is Back(2019).




Dragon Chen - (real name is Chen Tien-Xing) 

He made some films. The first one, "Jeet Kune Do" (2010), is a really good Bruceploitation film. Chen plays the son of a kung fu master (Bruce Leong, The Dragon lives again). His father tried to teach him, since he was a child, the family style, called Chen Fist Style. But Chen is obsessed with Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do. He even imitates Lee. Chen travels to an city because he wants to participate on an upcoming "Jeet Kune Do" Tournament. Because of that, he gets in an argue with his father before and his father gets sick. In the city he meets people, who made him think about, if he always want to be shadow of Bruce Lee. He even meet an old student of Lee, who show him, the true meaning of Jeet Kune Do. The Tournament itself is Bruceploitation. One of Chen's opponents is a rich guy, who also immitates Bruce Lee. The other opponents are immitate Dan Inosanto, Ji Han Jae and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. It's crazy, but great entertainment. 

The next film he made, "Nunchucks", seems to be lost or was never released. There is only a trailer available on YouTube. 

Then he made the film "Kung Fu Fighter" which had little Bruce Lee in it. Chen plays a guy, who first is poor, than becomes a famous superstar, gets aroogant and forgets his longtime girlfriend. Later he looses everything and starts to understand, that fame isn't everything. During the hole film Bruce Lee is mentioned. "I want to be as famous as Bruce Lee" "You're the next Bruce Lee" and Chen has Bruce Lee posters at the wall of his apartment.  

In his fourth film "Ultimate Hero", Chen finally throws "the Bruce Lee thing" away and made a film in his own right. - TxT by @DT-Nice1988.




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According to wiki, his name is Bruce, Bruce John :) The articles linked there don't provide further info on him, apart from being a "double black belt holder in karate".

This article names some Indian Bruceploitation efforts https://scroll.in/reel/878194/bruce-lee-died-in-1973-but-indian-filmmakers-refuse-to-let-his-memory-fade

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2 hours ago, Alan C said:

Cole Horibe from David Henry Hwang's off Broadway play ' Kung Fu'.  In my opinion the best of all  that took a stab  at a Bruce Lee 'bio'.


There's been a few actors in various stage plays, take on the role of BL. Just an area I don't know much about, there's just so many Play'sinspired by the Enter The Dragon star.



3 hours ago, Chu Liu Hsiang said:

According to wiki, his name is Bruce, Bruce John :) The articles linked there don't provide further info on him, apart from being a "double black belt holder in karate".


Thanks @Chu Liu Hsiang, for I-Ding the actor and posting that link.



3 hours ago, OpiumKungFuCracker said:

Jay Chou I am not a fan of. The seth Rogan green hornet was not bad though. I liked it. Jay Chou sucks, what has he done since? 


I dont think he's done any Bruceploitation related roles since?. I liked the visual approach to some of the early fights scenes in the 2011 Green Hornet film. Not a massive fan of the film though.



Rysuv Imai dvivides fans a lot, I'm not sure if he's the one being exploitated?. Do you you think he shoud be listed in the article?.





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14 minutes ago, OpiumKungFuCracker said:

Oh dude, that little bruce lee has so much potential to be a mega star. The ceiling is very high for this young guy!


Ryusei Imai are Making Movies with Eric Tsang


Ryusei Imai're Making Movies with Eric Tsang with video capture location in Kumamoto. This film is the first film for Ryusei Imai after he made several appearances on television shows. Film company that makes films for Ryusei Imai founded by Jackie Chan.

Source- http://ryuseilee.blogspot.com/2017/03/ryusei-imai-are-making-movies-with-eric.html



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Hong Kong director Wilson Yip said Monday that he's considering Taiwan pop sensation Jay Chou for the role of Lee in the sequel to his recently released film "Ip Man", a biography of Lee's kung-fu master.


Also in his sights to star as the king of kung-fu cinema is another singer-turned-actor, Hong Kong's Aaron Kwok.


Pop stars vie to play Bruce Lee

Link- http://www.china.org.cn/culture/2008-12/23/content_16994146.htm


The role would not go to either pop singer, or any other adult actor's. Instead they opted to feature Bruce Lee as a child. Casting young actor Jiang Dai-Yan, for the Little Dragon role in the Ip Man sequel.



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Brett Chan, the stunt coordinator on Cinemax’s new period action drama, talks about adapting a ’70s-era treatment by Lee, working without wires, and infusing the martial arts legend’s style into a 2019 series




Source- https://www.theringer.com/tv/2019/4/9/18301042/warrior-bruce-lee-stunt-coordinator-interview

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Can anyone I-D the actor, who appear's  as Chen Zhen in this latest 2019 version of Fist of Fury(1972)?. This looks closer to Jet Li's  Fist of Legend, than the origianl film. Maybe its the attire of the hero?. Not thats a major problem. Thanks to CityonFire.Com, for hte heads up on this one.


Link- https://cityonfire.com/the-fist-of-fury-returns-in-the-trailer-for-chen-zhen-legend/




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