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The Witness (2018) New South Korean Thriller

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According to The Hollywood Reporter - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/well-go-usa-picks-up-south-korean-thriller-witness-1137221 - Well Go USA has picked up North American rights to a new South Korean thriller, The Witness (Mok-gyeok-ja in Korean), which is doing well at the South Korean box office this month (August 2018).  "The Witness explores the bystander effect, when individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when others are present: A horrific murder occurs near a large apartment complex, and an average middle-aged man (Lee Sung-min) becomes torn about having done nothing as the young victim has been left to die.  Not so long after, the killer returns to eliminate potential witnesses."  The director is Jo Kyu-Jang (Mood of the Day).  Cast includes Lee Sung-Min (The Spy Gone North), Kim Sang-Ho (Fabricated City), Jin Kyung (Veteran), Kwak Si-Yang (Elephant in the Room), Kim Sung-Kyun (Kundo: Age of the Rampant), and Lee Min-Woong (The Spy Gone North).  (Cast info from asianwiki.com) 

The Witness will have a limited theatrical release in North American, Australia and New Zealand at the end of August 2018.  A press release by Korean distributor NOW "stated that it has also received many inquiries about foreign-language-remakes".  

The stabbing death of the young woman was inspired by the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese in Kew Gardens, New York.  According to The New York Times in an article two weeks later, 38 witnesses in a nearby apartment complex neither helped her nor called the police.  (The article was later refuted.)  "The incident prompted inquiries into what became known as the bystander effect or 'Genovese syndrome'." (from Wikipedia)  

Favorable Australian movie review at - Pieces of Work stopped reviewing Asian films on his Youtube channel, and for an unknown reason, deleted a lot of his reviews, including for The Witness. 


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This movie did one thing to me... Piss me off! Why? I think one of the reason being my lack of knowledge about korean society. And it's clear by the end of the movie, social criticism was the main target of the director. Which is depressing in a way as the short-run conclusion is, things won't change. But to be honest lack of civil courage (NOT behind a keyboard) is a global phenomenon. I'm looking at the mirror. In this light, highly recommended! Makes you think.

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