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Philip Chan Yan Kin

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I'm sure that most of you don't know this name, but when you'll take a look to his hkmdb page, you'll immediately recognize him as a familiar face seen in many movies.

He also plays in the ATV series Operation Manhunt I was talking about in Wang Chung's topic, and I discovered that he was a CID officer before becoming an actor, and that he directed many police-action movies.

That surely helped him to do a good job in his movies/series, since he had been dived in this work for a while, but what an amazing and radical change of career !




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He also played Raymond Zhang, the lead Triad boss in Jean-Claude Van Damme's Double Impact, who helped orchestrate the death of the JCVD twins' parents.


And even appeared as the Hong Kong police chief who attempts to help Helmer and Rollins from JCVD's Frank Dux in Bloodsport


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