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Wang Chung

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I thought that maybe it was worth to creat a thread for this actor too, since he played in so many Shaw Brothers' movies !

I recently got an ATV series called Operation Manhunt in which he plays a cop (for a change...:bs_coveredlaugh:), with long hair (until the shoulders !).

I didn't even know that he has played in ATV series. I suspected that he played in TVB series, since TVB is part of Shaws' empire, but I wouldn't had thought that he would have played in ATV series too...And I still have to verify if he really played in TVB series...If anyone if aware of his series works, let ue know, please.

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One of my fave Shaw actors! He's great in both good and baddie roles, I especially like him/ his char in FOUR RIDERS.  Just recently saw him in FIVE TOUGH GUYS, another cool role. And I think that was the first time I saw his brother in a kinda likable role. 

6 hours ago, ShawAngela said:

with long hair (until the shoulders !).

I bet his own long hair looks much better than this wig http://hkmdb.com/db/people/image_detail.mhtml?id=3920&image_id=314954&display_set=eng


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39 minutes ago, Chu Liu Hsiang said:

The one given for LOVE AND SWORD looks a lot like Lo Meng?

Well, it's the first thought that came to my mind when I saw this picture, but maybe I'm mistaken. I'm not sure at all, now.

I also took a look to Lo Meng's pictures and it seems that the one for the movie The brave archer doesn't show Lo Meng at all, but once again, maybe I'm mistaken.


It seems to me that the thread " Stars resembling to other stars " was worth to be created, right ??!!:bs_smile:

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