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Our beloved stars now and then

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10 hours ago, GOLDEN DRAGON YIN-YANG said:

True, that boyish smile of his is so beautiful. As you can see that was one of his great traits. The pure joy of being one of the GREAT kung fu movie actors of ALL time.....do you agree?

In my long llist of  favourite actors, Jet Li is one of the top too, even if I didn't mention him in the past.

I think that I have all his movies, except The expendables, but all his early movies are in my collection for sure !!

Romeo must die and Kiss of the dragon are amog my favourite, together with Fist of legend, Tai Chi master and the Shaolin series, and I already watched them twice.

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Liu Yung

And another one with his mother Li Wen ; I didn't even know that his mother was an actress...

He really looks like his mother (see the last picture talking about his mother and the first one talking about him in the above clip...


A third one :


With his wife, A Shaw Brothers's actress who I'm absolutely unable to name, though her face is very familiar to me...


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Jenny Hu - Shaw Brothers starlet. Her husband is Kang Wei and her son Terence Yin is a current Hong Kong actor.

1966's Till the End of Time


2004's Yesterday Once More


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