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Chen Hong Yip

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Maybe there is already a thread regarding this actor. If so, sorry for this new one.

As I said in another section, I got a martial arts series called Invincible Iron Bridge 3.

I don't know if Chen Hong Yip is still alive and still acting, but the guy in the following picture reminds me of him.

What do you all think ?



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Chen Hong Yip/ Cheng Kang Yeh is one of my fave 2nd row actors, I'm always sad when he plays a baddie :D

I see some resemblance, especially eyes and general shape of face. Maybe a relative of him? Or just some accidental resemblance, hmm.

imdb.com has the following trivia: In addition to the many trademark sidekick roles played opposite Shaw studio's many legendary martial arts stars during 60-70s, pint-sized thespian Cheng Kang Yeh also employed his petite physical physique to his advantage as an award winning race horse jockey personality and perennial fixture at Hong Kong's Happy Valley race track during its colonial heyday.       

Maybe this explains his aka Jocky Cheng ...

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