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Hollow Point: Luke Goss, JuJu Chan, Bill Duke, Natalie Burn (2018)

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Hot of the heel's of Tim Man choreogrpahed The Hard Way, which is still to be released, Luke Goss is back in the action genre. This time he will be joined by Hong Kong actress JuJu Chan(Invincible Dragon, Savage Dog) and Bill Duke(Commando, Predator).

From Film Combat Syndicate.


Hailing from producer Adel Nur at Halcyon Films, Hollow Point follows Goss in the role of Hank Cormac, a lawyer and charismatic vigilante who leads a team of crime fighters. Debut actor Dilan Jay stands front and center to the narrative as Nolan Cooray, a widowed family man failed by the legal system only to find himself reluctantly aligning with Cormac’s crew and waging war on the criminal underworld.


Fomr details on The Hard Way, click on the link below, thank you.



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