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The "American Kickboxer" - John Barrett Appreciation Thread

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Born on April 30, 1952 in Pittsburgh, PA, John Barrett was a protege of the legendary Chuck Norris, earning his first-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do in 1979, eventually earning a 3rd-degree black belt in 1984. Barrett made his film debut as an assassin in Norris' film The Octagon. He would do stunts in some of his teacher's follow-ups from Eye for an Eye and Silent Rage to Forced Vengeance and the Missing in Action series. He would appear as competitor "Gomez" in the 1985 cult classic that is Gymkata. By the late 80's, Barrett temporarily relocated to South Africa, where he appeared in local films like Final Cut and Death Force as well as appear in American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt as David Bradley's tournament opponent Joe Simpson.

In 1991, Barrett starred in American Kickboxer, based on a story he came up with. The rise, fall, and redemption of Barrett's B.J. Quinn became a cult action hit with its great kickboxing fight scenes (choreographed by the team of Barrett and co-stars Keith Vitali, Brad Morris, and Roger Yuan) and dramatic performances by Barrett and cast. Barrett did an official sequel, To the Death, directed by Sarafina! helmer Darrell Roodt. Barrett eventually returned to the U.S., where he appeared as "Mongoose" in Shootfighter: Fight to the Death and appeared as Dale "Apollo" Cook's trainer in Double Blast. He would serve as stunt coordinator for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie in 1995.

After work on two projects in 2004, Barrett called it a day for his film career and focused his energy on teaching martial arts. He opened his own school, the John Barrett American Martial Arts Academy in Lomita, California.




Love the use of the JBAMA art and the American Kickboxer cover.


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Trailer for Merchants of War, a military-style action film which Barrett co-starred in and was the film's stunt coordinator. He only throws two kicks in the climactic fight and relies on firepower for the rest of his action scenes. Fun B-movie though, especially the OTT acting of the villains.


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