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Avengement: Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor, Thomas Turgoose, Craig Fairbrass (2019)

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This is out on DVD in the UK now, picked it up the other day. Fantastic film, best Adkins has been in for some time. What I liked was although it used the British gangster archetypes, there was a great black sense of humour here, and it was really refreshing to see Adkins play up to it for a change.Nice to see Thomas Turgoose, so brilliant in the This Is England franchise (if you haven't seen it, at the very least seek out the film, astonishing filmmaking) get the lion's share of the laughs and even a brief slice of the action. As for the fights, seriously, seriously brutal stuff, which again feels refreshing, especially after the balletic choreography of Triple Threat (which, despite its cast, I think is the lesser film). One sequence in prison in particular had me wincing, and as for the finale, wonderful stuff, like a proper pub scuffle on acid. What sets it apart though is the complexity of both the characters and the plot. We're not talking Inception levels, but there is at least an attempt at playing with structure and giving our hero (if he can be called that) three dimensions. Very impressed.

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