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Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece (2018) Crazy Martial Arts Comedy w/ Cynthia Rothrock, Don Wilson, Taimak, Ernie Reyes Jr., etc.

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OMG This looks absolutely ridiculous...and I love it! 😛 BTW, Alexander Wraith was the guy who was on the receiving end of the very brutal double knee strike from Jang Dong-Gun in No Tears for the Dead. Yeah, considering the cast...I'm most likely going to want to see this for its insanity! LOL

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Just now, ShawAngela said:

Is Bianca Van Damme Jean-Claude Van Damme's daughter ? I didn't see Cynthia Rothrock in the clip, unless I didn't recognize her.

Yep, she's JC's daughter. I think Cynthia's is just a cameo.

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Actor Danny Trejo appears alongside a pretty varied cast of stars.


Cast list from IMDB.

  Jason London ... Lightning Leg
  Bill Goldberg ... Supervisor
  Ron Jeremy ... Himself
  Sam J. Jones ... Flash / Man with the Golden Fleece
  Michael Dudikoff ... Superboss
  Richard Grieco ... The Albanian
  Tommy 'Tiny' Lister ... Superfly
  Ernie Reyes Jr. ... Padawan
  Jeremy London ... Superfoot
  Cynthia Rothrock ... Counter Attendant
  Jack O'Halloran ... FDA Super Agent
  Bianca Brigitte VanDamme ... Anna-Conda (as Bianca Bree Van Damme)
  Michael Winslow ... The Argonaut
  Jena Sims ... Chastity
  Tommy Davidson ... Homeless Comic
  Chuck Zito ... FDA Special Agent #1
  Taimak ... Dragon
  Maryse Mizanin ... Macy Does (as Maryse Ouellet)
  Don Wilson ... Master Duck Suck Song (as Don 'The Dragon' Wilson)
  Roman Mitichyan ... Captain America
  Victor Ortiz ... Manolo
  R. Marcos Taylor ... Customer Surveyor
  Henry Kingi ... Car wash Attendant
  Alexander Wraith ... El Guapo
  Simon Rhee ... Storm God
  Jason Scott Jenkins ... Pop Locking Boxer
  Sean Stone ... Fist
  Natalie Gal ... Kay Gee Bee
  Jenny Shakeshaft ... Willy's Date
  Lindsey Axelsson ... Misty
  Gene LeBell ... The Boss
  Patrick Durham ... Ford
  Alora Catherine Smith ... Fist's Love Interest
  Linda Bella ... Amanda
  David Lea ... Gang Fighter
  Pete Antico ... Allan Greenspan
  Don Frye ... Willy
  Hana Yuka Sano ... Geisha / Gang fighter
  Nikki Mejia ... Dancer
  Cade Carradine ... Johnny Fang
  Juhahn Jones ... Okinawa Jackson
  Minerva Mendez ... Witch
  Tehran Von Ghasri ... Count Blackula
  Branden Cook ... Nunchuck Chuck
  Pj Jenkins ... Super-fly Gang / FDA Special Agent
  Anthony Bratts ... The Dolphin Style Henchman
  Rey Engelhard ... Tiny
  Athena Romaine ... Lulu
  Lionel Washington III ... Flamingo
  Rich Young Lee ... Mister Yakuza Suit / Captain Crunch's Bandana Bandit (as Rich Lee)
  Judy Dinella ... Lucy Cue Cards
  Rigan Machado ... Chinese Waiter
  Naoyuki Ikeda ... Asian Gang
  Keisuke Akizawa ... Gojira
  Rey Marz ... Travolta Thug
  Gokor Chivichyan ... FDA Special Agent #2
  Pasi Schalin ... Rumbler
  Professor Griff ... Narrator
  Jack August ... Kevin
  Jason Shaffer ... John Willis
  Darryl Sanders ... Capoeira Gorilla
  Jasmine Raymond ... Bae
  Aleana Anthony ... Dancer
  Don Charles McGovern ... Sasha (uncredited)
  Stella Welter ... Witch (uncredited)

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Watched this yesterday with my mom and we both were laughing our butts off at how ridiculous this movie was.  Sean Stone is the son of director Oliver Stone and Oliver Stone's protege is this film's director, co-writer,  and fight director Alexander Wraith.  This was the martial arts equivalent of a Troma movie. 

Cynthia Rothrock is in the film in a non-action role.  On the plus side,  Bianca Van Damme definitely learned from Pops with her kicks and Wraith himself,  as the Tony Montana-inspired El Guapo,  has amazing martial arts skills and gets to use them.  

There is one funnily ridiculous scene that had to have been inspired by this famous or infamous viral clip

As I said,  if Troma were to do a martial arts comedy it would most likely be similar to this film. 

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Fury of the Fist gets a US Blu-ray and DVD release from Screen Media Films on October 9, 2018.  "When the biggest porn star of the 1970s must reclaim his mojo in the '80s by saving all male kind, fighting his way to the heart of a conspiracy to sell meal pumped full of estrogen to emasculate men." 

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