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Mike Leeder

Bruce Lee: A Life by Matthew Polly

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Just getting round to reading Mr Polly's book on Three Leg's Lee, and it made some great first impression's. The writing style is easy to follow and it's got some great quotes. Might just be the best book I've read since Bruce Lee Conversation's. The last BL related book I purchased, a good five year's ago. While Mattew Polly is keen to show Lee as the human being he was. He's cleary not got an axe to grind either, it's far from being a cheap and sleazy tell all book.


Audio edtion.


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I got through the last chapter of Mattew Polly's excellent book last night, that was one hell of a read. There's a lot to digest, but would still love to re-read many of the chapter's. Really gives fan's a lot to think about too, I'm still on the fence in regards to the heat stroke theory. It's certainly very possible that's what caused his premature passing. It's far from the many crazy fan theories that get tossed around online and in some other book's.


Who else here has got through reading this one?.

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