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Your favorite, "I gotta check you" scene (add on)

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Ok, we all here love our MA genre and all things related. So I was thinking the other day about certain aspects I love in my MA films. One of my many favorites is the "I gotta check your ***" scenes.

Now, these scenes may be serious or playful, but they are meant to relay to us when a character has to be respected, no matter how you feel about them. They are the reason that makes me replay a sequence 1000x of times because of the intensity, the crispness, the humiliation, the embarrassment or the just outstanding display of "Boy... You must not know bout me" < / Beyonce > confidence(lol) a male or female protagonist or antagonist will show in that brief moment of "testing".

They usually happen early on in a movie, or when someone needs to set the tone for the plot. And when they are done right, they make you think, "OMG, he/she/that Was. Just. Bad. Ass!!!"

With that being said, I'll start off with both a "serious" and a "light" moment - to give the first example:


Serious Shaolin vs Lama (1983), Grandmaster Pu Chi-eh vs his former student Yao Feng-lin


...Best line from the movie was said by the villain Yao Feng-lin,


"Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin. The special technique of Shadow boxing."


LightThe Prodigal Son (1981), Lam Ching-ying(Leung Yee Tai) vs Yuen Biao(Leung Chang) at the opera




"Yee Tai, tell me the truth. Is my kung fu really that bad?"

"It is. you don't even know the basics techniques of kung fu. Anybody who has some knowledge of kung fu can easily defeat you."




So many films that I know ya'll can touch on with a moment in them like that... I can go on forever with little scenes that dance through my head when I reminisce/think about awesome fight scenes. :-)


How bout you guys?

What are some of your most loved, "check your ***" scenes?


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Jackie Chan in Project a part 2,where after his throw down in the tea house/restaurant Wang lung wei and Chan wei man are sought of mocking him so he sends everybody out shuts the door and beats the holy crap outta the both of them to prove he was the better man.👍👍

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