Thought about starting this, after seeing a recent U.K Energy company, using a cringeworthy Bruce Lee clone in a Game Of Death tracksuit. To help sell their product, there's also a advert for an online Casino, that use a guy in a G.O.D style jumpsuit weilding some matching yellow nunchaku. Dont recall the names of these firms, but it reminded me how much the Little Dragon turns up in all kinds of places. From the covers of energy drink cans, like in a recent post by @Phantom Dreamer or in more controversially in a Japanese Johnny Walker whisky advert. Maybe the ads I mentioned will turn up on YouTube at somepoint, so I can show fans just how bad they are. Feel free to share you random Little Dragon related stuff here.   These home-made Volvic nunchaku wouldnt last long in a real fight.   Vintage T.V Guide cover   Game Of Death/Enter The Dragon inspired artwork.