There is a new digital streaming service just launch, actually an old one which is being replaced and being joined by 5 major movie studios. It is called Movies Anywhere (it is replacing Disney Movies anywhere). It is being backed by Disney (including Pixar, LucasFilm & Marvel), Sony, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures & Warner Brothers. Major holdouts are Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate as well asĀ  some Indies companies. All the major digital service are on board, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, etc,. I signed up a few days ago and connect/linked my account. Most of my movies have been populated to all of the services. Example, my Google Play movies, itunes, Amazon & Vudu movies are now being showing in my library in each service. There are a few movies that have not yet to be populated, that is to be expected as a large number of people have joined/are joining so things are a bit slow. This is great news for people like me who have movies across different services can now consolidate they library. Almost forget to mention; For signing up and linking your first retailer, you get 2 free movies - Ghostbusters (2016) Extended Edition & Ice Age. After linking another retailer you get 3 additional free movies - Big Hero 6, The Lego Movie & Jason Bourne (2016). Amazon (Fire TV/Fire Stick), iTunes/Apple Tv, Google/Android devices & TV, Chromecast, Roku all have an app or channel for Movies Anywhere. I have installed on Roku, iTunes, Amazon & Google.